I left some stoner girl friends of mine with my bong...They decided to give it a make over.

in #cannabis4 years ago

As the title says I left a few stoner girls with my bong and this is what they did. Add a little new life to it haha! Thanks Monica and E! Anyone else ever decorate their bongs? Post pics if you have, I would love to see them!

2013-11-12 20.43.10.jpg2013-11-12 20.39.37.jpg

@girlsofgreen @medikatie @cannaqueen @ganjagirls @ganjapreneur


Blaze it!

And I'm looking for a stoner girl... Send one my way...

love love love the make over, not too much & not too little !!
That Peace sign is super sweeeet...

At least they did it to your cheap crappy bong heh, not a sheldon or something. =)

Hey man, she may be a cheap, one chamber, big hitter; but in no way is she crappy haha.

Haha, man so many new cannastemians here, its hard to keep up. I know im a little late, but welcome to steem it!!

Hey thanks. I've been liking this community, it seems pretty active.

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Yeah it’s pretty great. Most people are nice and humble. I’ve learned a lot!

You know it!

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