BC bud review: Girl Scout Cookies Strain & OG Kush

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In May 2015 I got my first dispensary card from a place called Eden inside a cannabis smoke lounge Cannabis Culture.

medikatie first.jpg

My very first purchase was Sour Diesl with @Drutter. We were really impressed and went back the next weekend. Our next purchase (still with cash of course) were types of kush and Girl Scout Cookies.


We got a seed in that batch of GSC that happened to be a bud-bearing female that we grew in Grama's greenhouse.

I liked the stuff we grew better than the stuff we got at the dispensary. Here's what I said about it at the time:


Strong, fruity smell and flavour. Has a nice, happy high. Not too potent, but makes big vape clouds. Should try it again and should try smoking it.

| $40 for an eigth | Indica | 30% THC | Purchased May 15, 2015 |

I tried many types of kush at the lounge. Some of my favourites were hindu, afghan, quantum, and OG.


| indica | $25/eigth | high THC | May 18th, 2015 |


I got physically healthy and lifted my depression from the variety of high potency strains (and oil made from those strains). We tried hundreds; the fruity, uplifting sativas were my yang and the hard-hitting kushes and indicas were my yin. Here's what I had to say about this eyelid-shutting OG Kush:

Strong smell and flavour (peppery). Really baked off just one bowl. A heavy hitter for the price. Must try again!

Davie Street Cannabis Culture Lounge, May 2015

Mama always said life was like a brown paper bag from the dispensary; you never know what you're gonna get!

$40 for an 1/8th was a fair bit, even for premium buds. Around that time, the price started to come down toward $25 per 1/8th, for premium.
But it was so good that people (especially patients) finally had regular, reliable access without going down a dark alley or calling numbers found on FaceBook or Craigslist.

Real Girl Scouts would bring VGF cookies to @MediKatie infused with oil made from the GSC strain!

A great strain review! That stuff was good.... I remember it being hard hitting in our early days of dispensary weed, although the effect wasn't always what I was going for. It's not my absolute favourite, but it's a classic for sure, and it's special to us because that's the first plant I grew in a greenhouse (and the only one I got to grow at Grama's).
Thanks to @appreciator for the vote!

That was pretty funny running it around the yard in its pot trying to hide it from family at dinner gatherings lol. About as funny as it was nasty of them to so righteously profess that they would kill it (our life force) if they found it. It feels good that the only times we lied was in the in the face of absurdity to save our lives.

That story is so full of symbolism it's not even funny.
Really cool that it was one of your first dispensary purchases that you grew - and made oil from!

Home grown is always the best. Free seeds are good too.

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