Cannabis Cures Leukemia: Scientifically Documented Case Studies

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Despite what the mainstream media tells you, there are hundreds of public anecdotes of people curing cancer with cannabis oil. Brave Mykayla aka Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia in 2012. When chemo failed and her cancer started to metastasize to her brain, her parents refused cranial radiation and started her on full-spectrum cannabis oil immediately. One week later she was in full remission. Ms. Comstock is now a healthy teenager.

Brave Mykayla.png

Case studies just like Mykayla's have been scientifically documented. The most noteworthy was P.K., a child diagnosed with an aggressive A.L.L. leukemia with a philadelphia chromosome mutation. P.K. underwent 3 years of chemo-radiation and bone marrow transplants, but the cancer spread to her brain and she was deemed terminal by her doctors.

Philadelphia 0-78.jpg

The parents decided to stop all treatment and administer cannabis oil for palliative care. However, a clinical observation revealed a rapid dose-dependent correlation of disease control not attributable to spontaneous regression or other treatment! She was treated at SickKids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and her study was published in the Case Reports Oncology Journal in 2013.

Day 0: Blast cell count: 194,000 (tripled in 2 weeks)

Philadelphia 0-15.jpg

Day 0-15: Hemp Oil #1
Strain: Chronic (indica), 7.5 ml extracted from 2 ounces of dry bud using 1.2L 99% isopropyl alcohol boiled off in a rice cooker
Dose: Rice grain-sized drop of oil 3x daily
Symptoms: anxiety, increased appetite, fatigue
Blast count: reached a peak of 374,000 on day 5 followed by a decrease, correlated with the increasing dose

Philadelphia 18-39.jpg

Day 18-39: Hemp Oil #2
"It was noted that administering the same dose [of a new strain] yielded a decreased response in terms of the side effects of euphoria and appetite, and the patient suffered more nausea with this hemp [cannabis] oil. The blast cells began to increase, demonstrated in figure22."


Day 44-49: Hemp Oil # 3
Strain: Afgan/Thai
Symptoms: a stronger psychosomatic response and increased fatigue
Dosing: reduced to 0.5ml twice daily due to hospital policy

Philadelphia 50-67.jpg

Hemp Oil #4
Dosing: intermittent until day 59, remaining at 1–2 doses per day of 0.5 ml and increasing to 3 daily doses on day 65 (see figure 44)

Philadelphia 69-78.jpg

Day 69-78: Hemp Oil #4
Dosing was maintained 3 times a day at 1.0 ml
Although P.K. successfully went into remission just like Mykayla Comstock, she died of a bowel perforation caused by the years of chemo-radiation she received.

Philadelphia 0-78.jpg

There's a common fallacy that if we even accept the idea that cannabis may treat cancer, that parents will recklessly abandon mainstream treatment for cannabis oil...and think of the children - they could die because of that!

This is easily debunked because you can co-administer cannabis oil with standard treatment, and it only takes days to weeks to find out if a particular strain is working. Let's not even get into the cognitive dissonance of how much harm chemo-radiation are proven to cause and how ineffective they really are.


The only reason Mykayla lived and P.K. didn't is because Mykayla had an awake, critically-thinking mother who did her research and advocated for her daughter instead of just blindly trusting the system and waiting for her to die. It's a repeating theme with these anecdotes, that people wait until it's (almost) too late!


P.K. was Canadian and she would have been old enough to be a @GirlsofGreen today :( We make her an honorary member in spirit of her.

Great idea, she was certainly a girl of the green, and the honorary title is respectfully fitting.
Someday I hope there are far less or nearly no children lost to these cancers.

Another great post! You're on a roll :)
It always bothers me that parents wait until near death of the child to try something so safe and effective! And they're always sure to make it known they waited until there was literally nothing else to try, and their baby was on death's door. I'd be ashamed to admit that! Be proud that you're on top of the scientific literature and able to see through big pharma's lies.
If they want to think of the children they should research the vaccines they're pumping them full of.

It's sad that MediKatie only gets a few responses on her posts, which take her the better part of an afternoon to write (sometimes longer). People don't read her posts much, don't resteem them, don't comment, don't upvote. It's like real content isn't valued here, only self-promotion and commercialization and other nonsense seems to be supported.

Resteemed to my hempalicious peoples! Hopefully somebody who needs this info sees it.

Thank you for sharing. We've been lead to believe that mainstream medicine has our best interest. Yet there are numerous remedies that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years that are just as effective today. Cannabis oil being one of those. @tryskele

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Mainstream medicine main interest is the $$$$. Got tired of their BS in my years as an RN.

BUT, but, but ... the government and law enforcement says cannabis is BAD!!! They wouldn't lie to us, would they!?!
Gotta keep Big Pharma in control

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