Pineapple Chunk Dry Sift Hash

in #cannabis4 years ago

I decided to make a little hash this morning so I took an ounce of the recent harvest and begun running it over the screens. Out of an ounce I received about 2.5 grams of quality hash ,which is not that bad. Man is this hash tasty it only takes on dab to get nice and the flavor is amazing. I will try to post more hash post so stay tuned next up is Gorilla Glue. image image image image


Is this how they make what they call “ice wax” in the stores? I asked someone about it one day, and he said that while he didn’t know the exact process, that it was a form of hash, and not oil, despite it looking like an isolate.

Not really sure but I learned this from Bubbleman

Pretty sure they are referring to what I know as 'bubble hash' which is made with ice water and several layers of fine screens. Could be wrong, but it is super potent similar to dabs, but a little more earthy.