Pineapple Chunk Taste Test from Harvest

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Well the taste test is oficially in and its great. The buds have been curing for about 2 weeks and now they are even better than before. It has a super fruity just like pineapple flavor and a hint of citrus. The high is nice and mellow but if you smoke too much it can creep up on you and have you couch locked. At the end of it we are all smiles. I have a new grow coming up soon and will be posting the progress shortly. I am going to grow some Gorilla Glue on low wattage lights to see how much can be produced so stay tuned. image image image


Pineapple Chunk is one of my favorite strains to grow and smoke..high yields , can handle high temps on the grow room...and its very potent and tasty...I love it

Met too i love the taste

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You may want to try trimming the buds before curing, but I'm sure you already know that.