Pineapple Chunk Week 5 of Flower Update

in #cannabis4 years ago

We see in week 5 that there is some sizeable growth of the buds. There is also a lot of resinous trichome production. So far everything looks healthy and they are drinking plenty of water. During week 5 I introduced Overdrive from Advanced Nutrients and will continue feeding until week 7. I will be pushing these ladies to a full 9 weeks and will start the flushing process in weeks 7 and 8. Because of the short stature of the plant they were not lollipoped. image image image image image


Thank you, I post an update on these particular plants every week. We also post other harvests that are in works and some from the past.

Beautiful buds my friend, have a look at my recent post in weed and see if you can help me?