Pineapple Chunk Week 6 of Flower

in #cannabis4 years ago

At the end of week 6 the buds are starting to put on weight pretty quickly. The buds are now really dense and are covered in sugary crystals. The smell is pleasant, almost lemony pineapples. They are being watered more frequently than previous weeks. I am still feeding and will continue until the end of week 7 then begin flushing. I will be taking them to a full 9 weeks. image image image image image


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Sweet looking nugs!

Thanks man

Looking Good. Did you get the seeds from the Barneys Farm breeders?

Yes Had purchased the regular seeds from the single seed centre a few years back and some females got pollinated and I got more seeds ,so these are those.

Nice!!! I was thinking about ordering those. But I just went with a white widow strain. I wanted something for the day time. Pineapple Chunk puts you on your ass from what I hear.

Yeah somewhat it does but I just love the flavor too much its really great.