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RE: Biological Warfare!!!!! No YaYo

in #cannabis4 years ago

Freaking Gnats, spider mites, russets and aphids is what we have been doing battle with so far on the farm. at one point we were using lady bugs as natural predator but they never stayed in the greenhouse long enough to do any good . Sometimes its hard when your going all Natural . Good Luck


It is the best when you’re going all natural, chemicals & pesticides make me sick, I’d eat these predator bugs 😂 Ladybugs are my favorite to watch clean my leaves! They get trapped inside my house & then the spiders eat them. I’m thinking about getting a praying mantis or two for a garden pet next

Treat them hard... to be really honest I never got them in my life. They're just rare over here or outgunned by their natural predators, so we can sleep in calm. But I hear about some treatments, especially drenching and spraying with Green Cleaner. I don't how organic it is though!

Well get them bastards! It's much better to nuke them ASAP!


Backup plan 👇