Taste Test: Jilly Bean (Greenhouse 6)

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Taste tests are my favorite. This is where you find out if your stuff is Dank or not, and trust me we've had some nots lol.IMG_20180314_163639-ANIMATION.gif

Jilly Bean had a nice fruity smell to it and was super sticky as you
can see from my dirty fingertips :)
Nice heady high which I kinda prefer
probably super good for creative spurts and being active in nature.
Oh and Im a METS fan for life if you haven't met me in person yet

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Be Blessed and Grow On!


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Jilly bean, one of my favorites from TGA.

come play the black and white photo challenge! ive nominated you :D https://steemit.com/blackandwhite/@madpotters/days-4-6-b-and-w-photo-challenge

Yeah she's kinda famous from being fruity... sometimes TGA is even called a taste oriented breeding house. Never grew anything from them though :)