👀🔥Ghost OG Shatter from Kind Love Denver - Colorado Recreational Cannabis (Shatter)🌲

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Ghost OG Shatter from Kind Love in Denver

I liked this goofy little bag they put the shatter in, just for novelty sake. However, I strongly prefer the way many Illinois Cultivators package their shatter. Especially Ataraxia, which puts the shatter into glass jars after putting it in wax paper. Shatters are usually pressed flat in Colorado, and when you get and open them, they, shatter... Many of Illinois cultivators are putting the shatter into little balls, which I much prefer. It makes it easier to handle the concentrate and take dabs off it, without breaking up and losing tons of your concentrates. I did a whole paragraph and didn't even talk about the product!


Here we go!

The shatter itself is phenomenal, the strain is wonderful and tastes every bit as good as my favorites from Illinois. Ghost OG is a marvelous strain, and they captured that with this shatter. I am upset that I can't get it at home, because no one makes Ghost OG Shatter.


The Number

Around 75% Thc. What I like is they show you the percentage of terps coming in around 6% here. That's fantastic! I don't have much frame of reference, but I'm excited!


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That's awesome! We don't carry any Incredibles Yellow Label in our shop. We've got the black label. My wife and I will have a dabbing video with their award-winning Orange Soda coming soon.

I love how they test the percentage terps too!

Sweet man! What shop do you own? I'm thinking of moving out to Colorado to pursue a career change. I'd like to get involved with the cultivation side of things.

I don't own one, and I'm honestly pretty new to the legal industry. Glad I'm not an owner; that seems like a big headache and lots of risk. I'm a manager at High Valley Retail Cannabis in Moffat, CO. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

My wife, @carrieallen, and I are going to start doing product and strain reviews more often, as I have constant access to some good stuff.

That Kind Love shop looks pretty fancy. It's making me want to go on a city dispensary tour. I need a stack of cash first, though. C'mon, Steemit! I believe in you! ;)

Sweet, I'll come check ya'll out if I'm ever in the area, which I'm sure I will be at some point in time.

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