Wake & Bake Infused Coffee To Lower Inflammation Before Repetitive Activities

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My life is filled with repetitive activities, just like most people these days. When I know that I'm going to be engaging in an activity that I don't do frequently and that is also going to be physically taxing on my body, I medicate with cannabis plant medicine, preventatively.

The goal is to not let inflammation get out of control.

Today, I am starting the process of canning food for the winter months. I will be preparing and chopping 60+ pounds of food. I don't do this level of food prep every day, so I started by medicating with my version of "bullet-proof coffee". This will protect my joints, provide high fat for my caloric fuel source, and bathe the cannabinoids in a rich fat-source to make absorption even more efficient.

Mixing Infused MCT Coconut Oil With Cannabis And Coffee

After I make my "bullet-proof coffee", I add the infused cannabis coconut oil directly to it.

Stir the coffee really well and dust with cinnamon.


I welcome your comments and invite you to follow me on my journey...there will be lots of chopping, sometimes.

~ Rebecca Ryan

Edit with links on how to make "Bullet-proof Coffee" and Infused MCT Coconut Oil With Cannabis:





Eating cannabis is the way to go for my system. My brother and I will pick up a gram of hash oil, about 900mg THC (only $30 :D), and infuse it into cocunut oil. My favorite way to take mine is in coffee, too.

I suspect that the caffeine (in the coffee) aids in the ease of an efficient absorption as well.

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Rebecca! This is great! Can you tell me if it TASTES at all like cannabis?

I had been using sugar packets that were infused that had zero flavor (which I prefer), but they stopped making them and I'm not exactly sure how they got it in the sugar granules.

I HAVE infused coconut oil (and other oils before), quite successfully, but we always put it in candy/baked goods to mask the flavor of 'green'.

I've also found a no-taste, dissolvable product (Ripple) that works really well, but is expensive.

It'd be great to find something I could use in my coffee, sans the flavor.

Thanks for the post!

P.S. Here's my latest post with pics of our girls. We'll be using them to create different products.
A Little Post about Pot

Hi @carrieallen!
You can still taste it. I didn't think it was bad but my husband didn't like it. He likes espresso so I think it was more, that the coffee wasn't strong enough for him.

Thank you for the feedback. I know a LOT of folks that really love the taste, I'm just not one of them. 😏

I'll probably research and then experiment with sugar granules, as I can't imagine my espresso drink with a little in the morning. ☕

"Bulletproof Coffee"
Now that one has me scratching my head a little. You notice I said head, and not hair. Ha
No, I am not bald. But the best hair days are behind me. lol
If I was within reasonable driving distance. I want want some of that.
Old crows, such as myself, needs to be infused with some of that super coffee you are showing us here.
Imagine the day when you will be selling this to folks like myself who is too lazy to prepare it for themselves.
Of course, by then. For it to be legal and after having jumped through the hoops to meet all the rules, laws, and regulations.
You would likely be paid in SBD's as payment.
Would you like that? Ha
I wish you well in your canning work and winter prep.
That is anther thing that makes you so lovely to all of us.
Leading by example.


I edited the bottom of this post to include the links to previous posts that I have written.
I included my recipe for "bullet proof coffee" there.
Oh the jobs, as you said, they never end. There is always 2 or 3 more things right behind the last one that need doing. LOL!

Great to see how much this coffee can help you out. It is amazing the power cannabis has and how much good it can do. It looks like Coffee with paprika in it but I bet it is more pleasant haha

Well I wish you the best of luck with the food preparation for the winter @rebeccaryan

Thank you so much @ackrai! Yes! Both cinnamon and nutmeg are great with coffee...chili might even be good too.

What's the forecast for this winter my friend? I hope it goes quick, but i know you'll take maximum precautions ahead of time!
I would love to discover how you make the prep for such winters, i've never experience such things in my entire life!
Btw my contest is on, do check it and if you have time would be great to see you participating too!

The forecast is "long and cold". It's a national holiday in Canada over this weekend, so this means that it's an extra day off. @knarly327 and I thought we would get a head start. We heat our house with propane and we also burn wood. Wood is cured for a few years before it is burnt, so most people will have an aged wood supply that they keep rotating. We will also be "doing wood" as it's called here...lol! It simply refers to any part of the tasks of wood management. For us, it just means moving wood from one wood pile to another very sheltered area, close to our house.
Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out!

I've always missed on following @knarly327, doing it right now so that i don't forget again!
Have great fun 'doing the woods' my friend, it's like rotating the stock and protecting them, nice one!
I would really love to experience that winter with snow one day, light the fire, cook some hot meal, cheering with friends, wow just a dream!
I know it's hard, but just wanna try it!

I bet I can shoot a hole in your "bullet proof coffee"..... chirp, chirp. Is this mic on, anyone here? My poor attempt of humor lol. This recipe sounds yummy!

I'd bet you'd have the energy to for sure. There's about 30 grams of high quality fat in this coffee. Very good for your brain. It's made with sunflower lecithin and coconut oil. The lecithin binds the oils to the water and keeps them mixed. When they are blended together in a blender they froth up, and taste like dairy ( high-fat milk or cream) but there is actually no dairy in it. With or without the cannabis in it, it's a great way to start your day and super easy to digest.

I can. remember back when I was a boy on the farm mom Would can about anything she could find blackberries grapes corn green beans tomatoes. that Bulletproof Coffee has got me stumped perhaps drinking It cold would be bulletproof thanks for sharing

LOL! Yes, often very strongly brewed coffee is considered bullet-proof in some parts. This is actually a process by which high amounts of fats are added to coffee and blended together. Unsalted butter or coconut oil is traditionally used. I have a link at the bottom of this post, if you want to see how it's done. Good quality fats are an efficient fuel source calorically...better than sugar. Even a lot of athletes are turning to high fat foods for their sustainable energy benefits and trying to steer clear of sugar.

I have tried infused BP coffee myself, and I can vouch for its effectiveness.

I used to buy my infused coconut oil at the dispensary, but ever since recreational licensing happened, you can't find it anymore for some reason (probably the lower quantity limits for rec users). Now I have to make it myself....

How is your own coconut oil turning out?

It has turned out well, but I haven't made it in a while.

Out of convenience, I usually just put some RSO (or more recently, fractional distillate) on a cracker or biscotti or something on the side.

A great recipe @rebeccaryan, in this kind of coffee, butter will make your body slim, and cinnamon will soften the bitterness, make coffee soft and gentle. And in the mornings it's great to wake you up and energize you :)

I completely agree with you @serkagan!

amigo #resteemia at your service

'dust with cinnamon' you mixed cinnamon to the coffee. wow i'll try it. impressive work @rebeccaryan

'UpVote ReSteem Comment'

I have edited the post to include the link to my how to make the "bullet proof coffee", post. :)

Good Coffee.

I like that you use cannabis that way and not with smoking. It's better that way. Cheers!

damn that sounds like a good start to the day! can you taste cannabis flavours in it?

Slightly with a light taste of coconut as well.

"After I make my "bullet-proof coffee", I add the infused cannabis coconut to my coffee."
This is the 1st time I heard about bullet-proof-coffee!
A great article and hope to try this out!
Thank you very much for sharing your great experiences with us!

Hi @theguruasia! Yes. I have edited the bottom of this post to include my previous posts on how to infused coconut oil with cannabis and how to make my version of "bullet-proof coffee".

@rebeccaryan - I never heard this coffee before Ma'm. I have all ingredients, so I'll try it tomorrow. Very useful article Ma'm. Love your work. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thank you @steemwija!
I have edited the bottom of this post with links for my recipes.

Wow that sound tasty! Everything I love mix together. good success on your canning day!

canning is tough business

I couldn't agree more, but worth it when you can open a jar of summer goodness in the middle of winter. :)

mam coffee are look so nice and good combination...
nice shearing

Thank you for having a look and commenting @sabbir24!

Great post :) thank you so much i lived in the capital of hash many years its amazing

Hi @machhour! What city are you from? Do you add cannabis to coffee or tea where you are from?

well i have tried it yet but looks cool looks like i need to try it out too ;)

You can make the bullet proof coffee on its own too...it's delicious and doesn't have to medicated. ;)

Interesting combination for a coffee. If this is beneficial for your body. Fine.

Nice Rebeccaryan, i like this....

Well not allowed in belgium so can't try it

Nice one, you got that Super Dank coffee

So interesting. This drink boosts the immune system? But, my country have no sell hemp and its products.It is forbidden to us. Come autumn, and I had colds. My immune system would like to strengthen. Interesting post with an unusual recipe. I liked it. I invite you to visit my blog in your free time.

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