Picture post of how to roll a bedtime Joint/Spliff - Dutch Passion Auto THINK DIFFERENT

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Thought i would try something different. This is my first non silver related post. Bored waiting for the wife to finish making my supper and thought i would roll a bedtime joint and post it up. There are many different ways to roll and joint are blunt. Here is the most common way people in the UK do it. I am smoking some autoflower think different that was harvested 3 weeks ago and been curing since.

Dutch Passion Auto flowering Think Different

Weed, check - grinder, check - papers, check - Roaches, check

Grind it up

Throw it into a paper, make sure the sticky strip is at the top. I leave room for the tip and make it fatter as it moves towards the end so you get that cone shape

Roll up a tip/roach, whatevr you call it

Put it into place

Gently roll the weed between the papers and then using your left hand tuck the paper into the tip and roll it along to hold everything together

Lick the stick strip and roll from the end down to the tip to get a cone shape

Take the striker from a clipper lighter

Us it as a pokey downer to help pack everything a little, and use it to fold excess paper into itself to form a covering for the joint and stop shit from falling out which is great if you and Mr spliff are going on an outdoor adventure.

There you have it a completed spliff

And the coffee to finish it off, good night folks. Hope you's all have a great evening and weekend
I'm BATMAN !!!!!! ( in batmans voice)


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Im going to check to tag out now :)

i never smooke canabis what it does on person @silverstackeruk

It makes you feel relaxed. It helps me to clear my mind and put thins into perspective. It is also good while listening to music and being creative :) I use for enjoyment

Looks like some quality ganja, how would you describe its effects?

Its weed, its strong and at the end of a long day and it gets me really high really high.
In general, this strain is a good afternoon smoke for me. Its not the strongest out there and if everyone is out when i get home from work, i sneak into the shed and hit a quick bong with this. I can interact with people normally while smoking this. Its has a little bit of a ole school taste to it, like sweet and bitter. The high will last a few hours and is more bubbly stoned then couch locked stoned.
Dont know if that answers your question right, i just finished smoking a spliff. lol

great post buddy that looks nice! lets have a toke :)

Something different to post about. Maybe once a month are so just for thrills :) Thanks for commenting

i was thinking there should be a thing for silver coins like buds and babes in high times 'cannabis 'n coins' or 'stinkin silver lol :)

We could start a tag that require you to picture a joint are bud and piece of silver together. We could do that. What tag?

cannabisNcoins is quite a good one

errr 'budsnbars' 'stonerstacks' 'silversensi' i dunno ill have another think :)

'stonerstacks' is good. You wonna roll with that one? You gonna do the first post are me?

hey buddy sorry im crap at responding i just saw your message on discord, yeah im up for it shall we use #stonerstacks then, i will try and get one done tonight but feel free to go first

No worries. Im good for tonight. I will do one tomorrow night. I will add a channel to the discord server for this after we have done a few posts, it might take off :)


Are you in Colorado? Of course here in Denver Colorado there's pot shops everywhere. It's crazy the amount of different types of marijuana you can buy here in town. Where did you have to use your special connection?

I live in Northern Ireland buddy. Weed is a illegal here but its a slap on the wrists if your caught with a small amount. I feel free enough to smoke it outside with caution not that i do, i used to when i was younger.
I get mine from a friend of a friend who knows man :)

Not my cup of tea, but then each to their own. Looks a nice joint(you've done that once or twice) lol. Make the stuff legal I say. As a keen gardener, and lover of hydroponics, I'd make a fortune selling this stuff. Happy smoking dude, have a puff for me and chill

I would normally go for tea in the evening but i have a new coffee that's very nice. I think it will be legal within my lifetime. HPS light's and grow tent sales will go through the roof. People will talk about strains the way others talk about whisky, malt ect. Its fun times we are living in :)
What do you grow? veg?

If the UK ever has an teamUK inaugral meeting i suggest amsterdam :-D, im not a smoker but im quite happy to indulge in a brownie or two

I have a friend that makes butter and uses it the do really nice and fluffy butter biscuits with a sugar coating.

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