Skoda Fabia Short-Shifter - DIY Bodge Job

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Hi All,

While I'm having fun trying to get the DIY water/methanol system working properly (which I think I'm almost there, just lacking in flow pressure), I've been tinkering in other ways on the car.

I've decided to fit a 'short shifter' selector to the gearbox. Even though this particular ebay listing stated that it was compatible with my car, it most definitely wasn't. The counter-weight was too 'tall' and couldn't be fitted due to fouling with the battery box.


Seething; I was ready to have a good slanging match with the seller but instead opted for a bit of DIY trickery. The rest of the selector was correct in terms of size and fitment and so I gave it a good licking with the angle grinder :)


After a tidy up of the cut marks, a degrease and the judicial application of bright red rattle-can paint, the lump of metal was looking much better :)


I took to YouTube and watched several videos on the process of swapping out the selector and so feeling rather brave, I committed myself to fitting it.


The gear lever throw has noticeably reduced now with only a slight increase of force required to pummel through the gears. I don't think it's reduced the shift times though but hey!!! to me it's good ;)

[little things please little minds]

Well folks, that's all from me for now.
No doubt I'll retreat into my cave for another month or two before hitting the 'post' button again :)

Bye for now!



Hi Bro, great job.
I know what you mean about watching YouTube video's to build up Confidence in doing a job never done before.

Despite it's failings, YouTube is still a great resource :)

Good bit of modification there! Great job man.

Cheer PV, there's nowt an angle grinder can't sort! ;)

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