Hell yeah! Wish I had enough money in my pocket when @eosio was only trading at $1.65 when I first discovered it following @steem and bought mine.

Thank you for creating Steem @dan this gives me an opportunity to be financially independent soon as I establish my profile on the platform. You are the living epitome of techno-social-revolutionary.

He does seem a bit salty in this post. Have to agree. Seems to be a lot about not getting credit he felt he deserved as much as it is actual problems with Cardano.

He did deserve credit

Dan does not care about credit. In the open source community, you should at least acknowledge when you work on top of other's achievements, even if, like Cardano team, you do not bring value to the space by doing so.

Upvoting you just because, as Dan, I would like to see those holes.

@adammac do you realize that you flagged yourself on this post?