Did you read the post? Damn son..

lol I did but was it goes beyond my head i know my question is irreverent. :p

Quite the contrary friend, Dan is explaining how Cardano's design is slow and utterly...useless.

lololololol... didn't read that post huh?

:D lol looks like i got unnecessary attention, but was thinking to invest in cardado so without hesitating i asked about it :p sorry about that readers :D

Thanks @ponts what do you think where should i invest? any suggestions?

Eos :)

ARDR is also at historically low price points at this moment (versus BTC). 60+% off at the moment. EOS has gone down a bit versus BTC but not nearly as much as ARDR. That is how you know it is a great coin: EOS and BTS have a strong support where they won't dive as much as many other coins. That also means it is a coin to HODL and NOT day trade because you can't often buy back into your position at a lower rate after a sale.