Five International Auto Companies Coming to Pakistan in 2018

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i wrote a blog on my website Beginnie and wanted to share it with you guys . The Blog is about Five International Auto Companies Coming to Pakistan in 2018.Hope you guys like it


1- Renault:


Just recently the news has been attested that French automaker Renault coming to Pakistan.

Renault has signed a contract with Al-Futtaim to commence engendering cars in Pakistan.

2- Kia:


Kia is a Korean automaker that is coming to Pakistan. Kia is expected to launch four incipient cars in Pakistan by 2018.

They are Kia Picanto 2018 (Hatchback), Kia Rio 2018 (Hatchback), Kia Sportage 2018 (SUV) and Kia Carnival 2018 (MPV).

3- Hyundai:

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Hyundai is another Korean company that is partnering with Nishat to launch cars in Pakistan.

The Hyundai Nishat cars expected to launch in Pakistan in 2018 are Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Tucson (Crossover), Hyundai Verna and Hyundai Creta (Crossover).

4- Volkswagen:

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The German automobile company, Volkswagen has additionally expressed the desire to invest in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Officials met with Volkswagen’s member of board’s Management Dr. Joseph Baumert and told him that full support would be given to the company once it commences business ventures in the country.

5- Regal Automobile:

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Regal Automobile will anon launch its product for the Pakistani auto market,

As Sohail Usman, Chairman of Regal Automobile Industries has already entered into a technical accedence to assemble conveyances.


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Thanks for information @syedihsanshah

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Your welcome ! :)

Your welcome @syedihsanshah follow me for motivational tips and sports information..

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New cars will be seen in pakistan :O

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