Dear steemit whales: best car to buy if you decide to power down

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A laywer wanted to go on a buisiness dinner to close a deal. He asked for a driver. I took the job because investing in crypto is an expensive hobby. It ended up being a normal night, nothing too spicy worth mentioning.


We are talking about the brand new Volvo XC90 T8. The "T8" stands for the sportversion of the SUV. It has 407 HP, with a 2.0L superchraged engine combined with an electric engine. Yes you heard that right, 407 HP with a 2.0L engine, welcome in 2018. The normal verison has 'only' 254 HP, a lot less, but 15K cheaper aswell.

This model starts at 65k and can end up costing you 100k if you go ham on the options. This particular car costed the owner 80k. Oh btw, it launches you from 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds!


I cannot describe how good this car actually is. it turned me into a hardcore Volvo fan after hating it for more than a decade. The interior is just magnificent. the coolest thing about this interior is the glowing elagant shifter. The exterior is also stunning. The speed is incredible. The price is "cheap" compared to other cars with similar speed and interior perfection. I had a blast flooring this thing, it just blew my mind because I wasn't expecting a volvo to do this. This is why it deserves a 9/10, the same score as the BMW 740Li, and also my highest rating.


Every car stands out with a special feauture, I call it the "X-factor". In this car it was the mini glass glowing shifter. Its the coolest shifter I've ever seen.


Sorry for the bad quality






He invited me to chill at his house for a while


0-100km/h run, notice how I say "oww shit" because I wasn't expecting anything to happen

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Good post. Thanks for sharing. I love it.

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Volvo are nice, but sticking to my Tesla P90D. 0-100 km/t in 2.8 sec says it all :)

Hmmmm love those stats, I have a tesla Model X episode comming out soon ;) Btw appreciate the upvote :)


All steemians will in one year ;)

Alright let's see if that's true

My favorite is Polestar 1.

Polestars are crazy fast

great story and the stats for that Volvo is stunning. the interior looks nice and i know it would be comfortable too. great post man!!!

you are welcome!

I had a Volvo 2007 XC90 Sport edition for 10 years before I sold it. The dealer-buyer had it exported to Botswana. The XC90 was the best muscular SUV I ever owned. I find the 2018 XC90 a little too bulky for my taste. Thinking of test driving the new XC40. The reviews have been interesting & kind.

You have a very good taste my man, xc40 is also a gem

Cool story and car! I followed you. Looking forward to some more nice posts like this one :)

I followed you back, thanks for stopping by ;)

Im not a whale, Not fan of Volvo's cars either, But if someday steem hits 1000$, i would buy a M5 <3

Also a good choice

Wonderful looking heart feel for car.its my passion.thats a good looking one i have ever seen.thanks for really impressed.also thanks for invitation.

thx bro! (not mine, im just a driver :p)

All of the above cars are so beautiful.But Alas!I have not enough money to buy just a bicycle.

Haha same bro, im just a driver :p

wonderfull car. lolking onward for your more exclusive post and picture.. upvoted on your post

Congratulations @ danny1995 for the postings and the first beautiful rewards for sure and the first of many!

this is a great car, nice features, but unfortunately not sold in Indonesian markets. And if it comes to indonesian markets, the price surely will be high.
Thanks for sharing @danny1995

If you really want one you can ship one, but I don't recommand that :p

Well. I am not a whale, yet. But I will remember this post.

Haha one day my friend

Awesome car. Volvo really stepping their game up big time!

Yes they really surprised me

Sleek ride yo. Now I am willing to give Volvo a try once more.

You won't regret it ;)

nice story bro, i will follow you bro ^^

Thx! I follow you back ;)

Volvo's are so jaw dropping. Just leaves me with OMG - oh my God feeling Everytime I ply one

A wonderful car. what is your most favorite feature. @danny1995

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good ol´swedish steel man!
would love a S60 polestar tho

maybe you got some time to read my post about this new Hot Hatch car i just wrote?

Wow! Damn hot this car
i need this car ;)

This car was so great and cool one!! ;-)

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Thank you.

Beautiful Silver Colour

WOW @danny1995. I'm so inspired to see this! you're heavily blessed!!!

Hmm, I am just inspired of your post, I am a student, in future I will post like this.

Nice, hope it goes well for you :)

I could ride in a volvo like that

Thats pretty cool you was in there the guy must be pretty cool

yeah he was :p

Followed you

This is a cool car, but in my mind unjustifiably expensive (

True, it is not cheap at all, but so are worse cars that cost the same like X5, GLE, F pace,...

Amazing car designed by volvo. I became a big fan of it. 407 HP and 2.oL supercharged engine with electric engine in cheap price. It is mindblowing from volvo. I checked anout the car in the internet. It is better then almost all sports car in such a cheap price. Thank you @danny1995 for leting us know about the car.

My pleasure bro, glad you liked the post ;)

Thanks bro.

thx! (its not mine :p)

I love the V60! New interiors are brilliant in Volvos these days!

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actually this is amazing post. I like it too much.firstly I was afraid.but now its right. its color is too much beautiful

Entertaining post, are you based in Belgium?

ty, and yes, close to brussels

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Nice post brother.

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What a wonderful car ...........i wish to have one too....God is in involve

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Can I get any colour I want

Yep, if you pay enough I think yes :p

seems you will be able to buy it soon broo