Finally a Audi SUV that excited me

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A couple wanted to celebrate their friends anniversary, so they hired me for the job. it wasn't a crazy night like the previous post but the car definitely made my night more interesting. I was lucky to have a wi-fi hotspot, wich allowed me to write this blog while I was at "work" (doing absolutly nothing for 4 hours straight in the car).


Brace yourself, long carname incomming: "Audi Q7 E-Tron Premium Quattro". This model was a 2.0L turbocharged wich pumped out 252 horsepower. It did 0-100 km/h in 7.0 seconds. Like all 50k+ cars these days it had an electric motor too. This one costed over 70k, wich is "cheap" for what you get from this solid car. It had the S-line, wich is makes the car look sportier

It had a lot of tech inside, like the touch pad that allows you to write the adress manually, a amazing widescreen cockpit view and a very accurate and usable voice control, gets pretty close to "siri-levels" of the iphone.


I will admit for the first time that Audi made a solid SUV. It had very good tech inside, decent power and fuel consumption (for a SUV), and a above looking average interior and exterior. This is why it deserves a 8.5/10.
There were no real downsides to this car in my opinion.


I see what you did there, skipping the whole article and going straight to the pictures... But I still love you









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how did you get the driver gig?