How to burnout like a classy boss (with an automatic car)

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Quick guide on how to melt your tires


Be a retard like me.


Make sure to go to a safe place where the chance of you hitting an object is the smallest (empty parking,...).

Step 3

Open your doors, (you can choose how many), and prepare for lift off.

Step 4

Hit the BRAKES FIRST, then the gas pedal until you reach 4500-6000 RPM (depends on each car). Make sure your friend is snapchatting that shit.

Step 5

Release the brakes gradually untill you get a wheelspin, its important to HODL your brake on the "sweetspot". It takes time and practice to find it.

Step 6

Don't tell your dad about it. Go find yourself a new set of tires before he finds out. I must say, its a very expensive hobby because it destroys your transmission (2k), your brake pads/discs (2-3k) and your tires (400-1k).


Rare footage of me being dumb asf, (crap quality as usual because im too broke to buy a new phone). I hope my dad never gets a steemit account to see this.

Btw don't resteem this post, keep it low profile plz. Its just a fun post to entertain my OG followers

If you want more retarded shit like this, let me know in the comments x

Follow maybe? idk


Auto launch control, kinda, thought about trying this in various cars, decided i'd better not try it on new cars.

Wise choice my friend

My pops used to have a Mercedes c63 AMG, id be lying if I said I didn't attempt this a few times 😳

I think we will get along pretty well

Haha you bad boy you:)

hahah sorry uncle J85063 :p

I forgive you:)

Inspired from this post

Please don't be

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