How to make a random Ferrari go full throttle

in #cars3 years ago (edited)

Step 1

Be a retard like me

Step 2

Film that shit for your steemit followers

Step 3

Poke the beast by doing a launch control behind it

Step 4

Pray he's too cocky and scream like a girl when it works


Next episode will be probably the spiciest eposide that I will drop this year (insane car + insane celebrity), stay tuned!

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The nice vedio @danny.I am waiting for next vedio.

wow... nice

That car went really fast

Ferari speed was looking like a plane ✈ 😂 and what is song name that was playing in your Car @danny1995

i think that it's not like a plan it is like a fighter get .and i love the speed of Ferari .i have no words to describe it i just say that it is awesome..............

I dont remember, was from a random radio station ;)

Gun it :) impressive power and that sound, immense - your motors doing well too.

thx bro, im glad I could at least keep up a little bit with my pleb c220

Wow i like that

Great :D but if you make some modification with exhaust, it will be much louder and i think it will be more succesful :D

I actually recked the car couple of months ago ;p

Its okay I ordered a E coupe instead, looks much better

Very nice video!!
Can you explain how to upload a video~?

Step 1: upload a video to your youtube, step 2: copy paste the url of the uploaded video into your blog

Thank you for your kind description~!

ferrari speed is so good and good video

Awesome mate and looking forward to your next big post:)

Thx dad!

Your welcome son.

Spoiler: my next video will be with Casey Neisat (hope no one reads this comment). Go check Casey’s last vlog, I appear at 7:45 with the car as his driver ;)

Ok thanks.

NICE. Ferrari is Ferrari my friend. What kind of car were you driving? I love race cars my friend I have a Camaro 2012 and I always race it and where I live there is no problem with the police so imagine the adreline hahahahaha

cool car you have man! I was driving a mercedes C220, nothing too crazy like your car ;)

Thank you man. You have a nice car too. Keep in touch bro. Have a nice day

We love your adventures!!
Just be careful.
Thanks for sharing @danny1995

Thanks joy! I will ;)

I know you will sweetie.
You have angels for sure.
Just don't work them too hard!!
That's what I tell my

I will be watching the real thing next month at the Monaco Grand Prix.
My wife's Christmas Gift. :)

Wow lucky you! can I come with you?

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Ferrari speed is like a fighter get and I love the speed of jet I like the sound of Ferrari great invention in the word @danny1995

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The car is very nice. I'll buy a car if I have money.

hello. good video

Wow, he really floored it...
Sorta like you did with the bidbots.

Have a lovely day.

Need me one of those!

Why would You want to make a random Ferrari go full throttle when You can have this

Hy @danny1995, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Jjajajajajaja yo soy igual cuando conduzco, apoya mi blog soy nuevo en esto ^^