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I was checking out the usual daily car menu, when I suddenly saw 'Maserati shuttle'. I freaked out and immediatly putted myself on 'avalaible' for that day. I thought we were going to shuttle with Maserati's all day long while getting tipped and payed 20 euro an hour (because it was a sunday). When shit is too good to be true, it usually is. It turned out we had to drive people around with minivans that were labeled 'Maserati shuttle'. I was a bit sad but the 20 euro an hour and the small tips kept my spirits high.

A unexpected turn of events

After a whole day of dreaming about the displayed Maserati's, the manager came to us with a bunch of Maserati keys. 'Boys, grab a key and get all those Maserati's to a parking lot 10 miles from here. We all just were looking at eachother like dumb fucks, trying to digest what we just heard. The funny thing is that all the keys were very similar, so no one knew wich car he had, untill we pressed the 'unlock' button. We started running and jumping like monkeys through the hallway to the cars, then I pressed unlock. Best day of my life. I had a 'Maserati Quattroporte S Q4'.


There were 4 cars diplayed that day, I drove the Quattroporte S Q4 and the Ghibli, as shown in the video/pics


Granturismo S CabrioLevanteQuattroporte S Q4Ghibli
Cold startup Granturismo + Ghibli in backgroundGhibli interior video

My friend's instagram pic (because I did not take a lot of pics at the time)


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Nice ..
Great work from you, well done
Thanks for sharing

living the life..

I don't believe there's two sides to every story. It's black and white. There's right and wrong.
Keep steemit dear
Hahah hahah hahah

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Me to l love car and i like this post.

Looks so good :) I love this fresh new Maserati faces ❤️ family member bought Levante few days ago ... Im really looking forward to first test 👍

Ow thats very cool man! I hope the car doesn’t dissapoint you

Yeah i think it will be good ... I made complete study on catalog and now just waiting for real thing 😂👍I can post some video If i will meet him first time ... He will have some individual specification 😊

Great treat at the end of the day mate getting to drive the Quattroporte S Q4.

indeed uncle, wish you you were there so you could teach me how to drive this thing

I would teach you some drifting i reckon you would love that haha:)

Man, how did you end up with such a rad job?

Just some luck

Thanks sharing this life story.

I love cars especially fast cars.
Nice cars on the list

Very nice job guys..

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Man, how did you get end up with such a rad job?

Amazing, You are incredible, just browse the articles of friends

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men's dream job...lol

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

The funny thing is that all the keys were very similar, so no one knew wich car he had, untill we pressed the 'unlock' button.
It should be which instead of wich.

well done mate!

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awesome work
i love car
i need a car but money problem
#ha #ha

Wow...nice car i think you love car....

Love this car