Please don't buy this Porsche

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A young stunning rich lady wanted to go see a new lover in a fancy restaurant. She ordered a private driver to make a strong first impression. I had some spare time so I accepted the job for the night. Im glad I did because we got along pretty well... (this is a car blog, so no further details will be shared).


This one has for once a name less than 3 words: the 'Porsche Cayenne '. This base model contained 290 horsepower and costed a litlle over 65k. It had a V6 engine that did 0-100km/h in 8.1 seconds... Yes you heard that right, my (new) pleb mercedes c220 does it in 7.4 seconds. The young lady explained to me that she already had a Porsche 911 to go fast with, and that the Cayenne was for long trips, wich makes sense if you have some spare money to blow.


Porsche stands for going fast in style and comfort. The Cayenne has the "comfort" aspect, but the "style and speed" are clearly missing. The exterior looks everything but beautifull, the interior is a little above average, but nothing too crazy. The speed is just horrible. This is why its getting the lowest score i've giving untill now, a 6/10.


I really was hoping she would pick the Porsche 911, but she picked the Cayenne for that day, never lucky.




As I said, A fancy restaurant, The car line up was insane.




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Thank you friend that you have alerted me .now i will try to buy some new another one.

My pleasure miss

Thank you friend that you have alerted me now i will definately try to buy some other one

Why would you buy a base model cayenne if you have cash to blow?! Have you driven the new MacanS by any chance? I like its styling a LOT more than the cayenne and it does the 0-60 in 5.4 sec.

Yes driven both, blogs comming out soon ;) true man, the S verison makes them worth buying again. I will never understand ladies...

Looking forward seeing the MacanS Blog! And don't worry, no man will ever understand women :P

@danny1995 I agree with you, 911 was a much better choice, but we are not all the same. 🌞

waaao thanks for sharing

My pleasure ;)

Agree as well. Cayenne last on the list of Porsche buys.
Great Post !

Cayenne S episode soon, is much better