This car is like driving a 20ft truck in downtown Bangladesh (Ft. random Panamera S)

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A wealthy couple hired a chauffeur to get them home safely, to avoid running over 3 people by accident while being wasted from their epic party. Me, being in debt after promoting my last two posts on steemit, was forced to take the job and drive that night. Im actually going to fail my exams this semester, because steemit is distracting me too much.

Anyways, after 15 minutes of looking for a parking spot, my friend called me to tell me he was driving too that night, and that he was comming to the SAME spot. Rich people have small inner circles you know... just like the steemit whales on this platform who (mostly and unfortunatly) only upvote eachother and let the small tuna fish and crabs starve. Sorry about the whole sea species thing, lets get back to cars.

After we found each other, we checked some Netflix in the Range. Then we took the Panamera and went for an evening cruise to make everyone jalous. 5 hours later we really got bored, so we decided to join the client's party because they were too wasted to notice 2 suited up plebs with a tie.

This part of the blog is dedicated to car freaks like me, read this at your own risk


This time I was driving a Range Rover Sport, my buddy had an old Panamera S. In this blog I will only cover the Range.

This Range is a sport version and is therefore 15k more expensive, yes people I hope you understand by now that car makers thrive on the sales of sport editions. In total this particular car costed more than 100k when it was new. It has 340 Indian malnutritioned horses that get you eventually to 100km/h in 7.1 seconds. The horses stop performing at 209km/h (130mph). Yes you read that right lads, you pay half a house for a car that gets destroyed by a cute 25k Ford Focus ST and has a lower top speed than my granny's swimming pace.


Every car has an eye catching spec, look or something that defines the car, wich I call the X-factor. The X-factor of this thing is the way it makes you feel. You feel superior to the rest of the road because of the sheer size and drivers-height. Even a angry charging rhino will turn the other way around if you decide to ram it. Its just an intimidating mountain of car that is centered around the driver.


To be honest, you either love this thing or hate it, I never heard an opinion that is in between. Thats why I will try to be unbiased. A major problem is the price/performance ratio in my eyes. Another issue is that you have to be a master driver to maneuver and park this thing in crowed cities. On the other hand, it looks cool and drives like a majestic saloon on wheels. The best part about this car is that you never have to break for a spead bump. This is why this car still gets a solid 8/10.

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Rare footage of a professional driver struggling to park a car




Netflix n' no chill on my friend's giant 13 inch Ipad



Thats the random Panamera S that my buddy was driving that night for another client that went to the same destination as me. I previously posted this car on my blog.


Having a drink with my bud and the ugly ass rear of the Panamera


Panamera interior, just for the haters and the doubters that think I make random pics of cars on the street.


Insanly big tip (80euro, 100usd), I clearly did something right that evening. The sad part is that I invested it all right back into steemit, rip tip.


Be a nerdy critic and tell me what I could improve next blog, thanks x

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Beautiful, my friend
Sounds fun. Good for you
Thanks for sharing

Good photos , Next time just tell the story . Readers will get more engaged .

Thx for the advice bro! will focus more on the story

The capital of Bangladesh Dhaka is a very crowded city you can reach to a destination probably early if you walk and not use a car

FollowBack every day 100%

I realy like those Range Rovers.

Have mixed feelings, they are cool but not very practical for every day driving (in my opnion), unless you don't live in a big city

No i don't live in a big city not even a small one.

Guess your good to go then ;)

looks great right..

they are indeed nice


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Its sad to get downvoted by @grumpycat bot after spending 6 hours making this post. Thank you for the motovation grumpycat. I was even trying to improve steemit by shouting out small high quality content producers with this post. What a waste of time.

Wonderful. I want drive. I want a drink. I want race.

you said you invested it all back in to steemit, yet your steemit account only has 361$ in it... seems like your just taking money out of steemit rather than investing it back in....

The money is in this post, its ok if you don’t understand steemit

I think I have a decent grasp of steemit, also everyone can see your account balanaces, you just paying to have your posts boosted and sending SBD back to bittrex, also see you powering down your steem power.
if you were reinvesting in steemit you would keep investing in steem power which you are not doing.

Whatever mate, I already lost hunderds of dollars by promoting my own post, so im quitting this great community for the moment

I recently had the pleasure of driving my friends Range Rover SVR.. man I have to say these cars are beasts. There​ is very little they cannot handle, now with the new SVR, everything is ramped to level 10. The sound, the comfort, and most importantly the speed are unparallel​ to other SUVs


Very cool bro, you remind of a RR Vogue SVAutobiography that I drove, insane machines

Very well written, always going to love the car bit, thank you for the shout out that means a lot, as you mentioned growing and reaching the car loving audience can be somewhat challenging on here, we keep at it though - well done and you have earned every penny of that great vote.

Thank you once again, PS never driven anything JLR new yet, they're on the list though, maybe an SVR of sorts.

Thanks bro! and a svr would be mad!

I noticed there at finish however you aforementioned "Be a nerdy critic and tell American state what I may improve next blog"

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I took the freedom of looking your article and fixing all the mistakes for you freed from charge. I do that as-as service too, if you'd like, you'll be able to contact American state through DIscord. there's a link on my profile.

Here is that the amended text-only version of your post.

A loaded couple employed a chauffeur to induce them home safely, to avoid running over three folks out of the blue whereas being wasted from their epic party. I, being in debt once promoting my last 2 posts on steam, was forced to require the duty and drive that night. I am truly reaching to fail my exams this semester, as a result of steam is distracting American state an excessive amount of.

Anyways, once quarter-hour of craving for a parking spot, my friend is known as American state to inform American state he was driving too that night, which he was coming back to the identical spot. made folks have tiny inner circles you recognize... similar to the esteemed whales on this platform World Health Organization (mostly and unfortunately) solely upvote one another and let the tiny tunny and crabs starve. Sorry regarding the full ocean species factor, let's retreat to cars.

After we tend to found one another, we tend to check some Netflix within the vary. Then we tend to took the Panamera and went on a night cruise to create everybody jealous. five hours later we actually got bored, therefore we tend to determined to affix the client's party as a result of they were too wasted to note two suited up plebs with a tie.

This a part of the journal is devoted to automobile freaks like American state, browse this at your own risk


This time I used to be driving a variety Rover Sport, my brother had AN recent Panamera S. during this journal I'll solely cowl the vary.

This variation could be a sports version and is, therefore, 15k costlier, affirmative folks I hope you perceive by currently that automobile manufacturers thrive on the sales of sports editions. In total this specific automobile price quite 100k once it had been new. it's 340 Indian malnutrition horses that get you ultimately to 100km/h in seven.1 seconds. The horses stop functioning at 209km/h (130mph). Yes, you browse that right, lads, you pay 0.5 a house for an automobile that gets destroyed by acute very little 25k Ford Focus ST and encompasses a lower high speed than my granny's swimming pace.


Every automobile has an attention-grabbing verbal description, look or one thing that defines the automobile, that I decided the X-factor. The X-factor of this factor is that the approach it causes you to feel. you are feeling superior to the remainder of the road attributable to the sheer size and drivers-height. Even AN angry charging perissodactyl mammal can flip the opposite approach around if you choose to ram it. It's simply AN daunting mountain of an automobile that's focused on the driver.

Hahaha did you really re-write the whole thing?? Thanks man

I am very impressed with this sentence, many of the meanings implied in this sentence that you write this.
"Rich people have small inner circles you know... just like the steemit whales on this platform who (mostly and unfortunatly) only upvote eachother and let the small tuna fish and crabs starve"
hopefully small tuna and crabs can be maintained and preserved.
thank you

Finally someone that noticed my inside-steem-joke!

thank you friends for his very interesting post ,,
if there is time do not forget to stop by my post.
thank you

Beautiful cars. Porsche and Range Rover as two model cars I like.

Bharad man's property does not fit on them and the people who run in India get engaged

gran coches y gustaria tener una asi.. gracias compartirlo @danny

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Beautiful, want a car like this

wish to drive any of these car! Dream to own one!

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If you want to, you can try it here:

buen comentario,buena reflexión ,éxito

I like the post very much hope you can post beautiful ly,

I'm thrill with this post. I also have similar experience. As i'm going through your write up, i was like wow, you are saying something that have once happened to me. Your post awakened the past story in my life that was really fun and memory that cant be forgotten. Thanks for the post sir

wow... range ... good owner!!

I wonder how does this car went to Bangladesh?

i follow u follow me

so elegant.. looks awesome..

thats some gangsta shit man!

Thanks for sharing bits of your life and talking the truth!

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