When Jaguar gives you 500.000 worth of cars for a week?!

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As many of you know by now, I drive for rich individuals when I have some spare time. But sometimes we also get to do shuttles for events, wich are the most fun. This time Jaguar/Land Rover decided they wanted to promote their cars by organizing a shuttle for the "European Business Summit" in Brussels. The reason was that the sales were a bit down.

The best part of all is that they did not have enough space in the dealership because of some renovations that were going on. Thats why they decided to give us the 3 insane cars for a whole week! They actually paid me an extra 80 euro to store the car in my garage


Range Rover Vogue SVAutobiographyXJRXJ
V8 supercharged 5.0LV8 supercharged 4.4LV6 3.0L
0-100km/h: 4.80-100km/h: 4.10-100km/h: 6


  • XJ: 7.5/10, interior could be better for that money + very bad gps, exterior is OK, speed is OK.

  • XJR: 9/10, the interior could be better aswell, speed is insane, exterior looks slik

  • RR Vogue: 8.5/10, interior is heaven on earth, you can actually stretch your legs in the back! Exterior looks cool, but fuell consumption is absolutly insane (approx. 160 euro for 300km = 200usd for 190 miles) + very hard to drive in cities.


Pics of the cars at our homes + at the shuttle locatio (all pics/vids are selfmade!)









Arriving in style at my university


Fueling up those beasts



XJ in my "garage of fame"


RR Vogue interior

RR Vogue interior

XJ at my home + startup

Shuttle location

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Amazing cars but my favorite Jag is I-Pace. BTW... Did you heard that charging electric cars in Europe could be free in the near future?

Yes my man, its already free in Belgium. In public area's, they have designated parking spots with free electric chargers ;) I hope I get to drive the I-pace one day :)

I believe it is only a promotion for electric cars and Spark Horizon developed an industrial solution. Let's see.

Amazing car awesome dear

But which one does the best burnouts?!?

haha the undisputed winner here is the XJR :p

Jaguar is not a car...it´s a beast !!! :D

This one absolutly yes

Looks like someone had some fun

Yes my man, had a blast!

RIP fuel economy on that Range Rover xD
The XJR looks amazing, haven't seen one in person before. I guesse it drives like a beast?!

Second fastest car I've driven, I shitted my pants when I floored it, could not make a video cause I needed to hold on my steering wheel with both hands :p

Very cool to have those cars for a week:)

thx bro, im down to joiride if you ever come to Begium ;)

very good post. i must have this jaguar :) ( yes yes i know 150 yers work :)

Thats awesome, I used to work in a Cadillac dealership that sold Range Rover. I would shuttle people and drop off lender cars.

Best job ever if you are a car enthousiast like me :)

Ever think of making a video review like in Top Gear? Dtube videos are booming! lots of viewers and not that many creators, good ratio!

Can’t in many cases, aren’t my cars, most of the time a client ls with me

Bella macchina 🇮🇹😊

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