Needle Sweep Activated - Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo 2013 - Carista OBD2 Dongle - 'Re-Source' - Eggstatic #178

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Hello All,

@eggstatic will become a chronological 're-source' for all my documented (video or otherwise) achievements in the last 10 years or so of my hobby/lifestyle activities, primarily but not exclusively related to my paragliding and/or paramotoring exploits.

Everything I post within this steemit realm will be my own original content, some of it may require the dust blowing off it ;)

My original Wordpress blog has a lot more information regarding the experimental paramotor side of things on offer for those of you with an inquisitive or inventive streak:

Description taken from my YouTube channel:

Just a short video of me, 'giddy as a kipper' as I've managed to activate the needle sweep function on my car. I originally nearly purchased the OBDEleven dongle but perusing the app prior to committing to purchase OBDEleven I found that the needle sweep option wasn't available on my car with this dongle. Carista though, a different story :) I ordered my Carista dongle off Amazon for I think 15 or 16 quid. You get a free month subscription prior to a 12 month paid subscription. You can of course proceed to cancel the subscription if you think you won't use the dongle after you've tweaked the settings. Other apps can be used with the dongle, TORQUE app is quite good as it gives you real-time data such as boost, intake temp, etc, etc as well as fault codes. The Carista OBD2 dongle is great for VAG group cars and a few others as well. Living it LARGE! in Leeds ;)

Thank you for stopping by and helping me to relive my finest moments.