My car finds. Number 25.

in #cars3 years ago

A rare Mini GP at a car show in Ulverstone Tasmania a couple of years ago. This was the fastest Mini sold in Australia in 2013. Only 55 of these came to Australia and they are meant as a trackday warrior that you can also drive on the road. They are only a two seater as well with a 0-100klm/h dash in 6.3 seconds.


Taken with Cubot note s.

DQmW8ymp6TUCoVQE8AjZtUpcVLiQasjgt2K7jxAQMUUsMXq_1680x8400 (1).png


Good stats for a mini

Yep not bad. Though i built an old 66 mini deluxe with a modified cooper s engine that had 110bhp at the wheels that was about that quick around 22 years ago.

Wow thats a long time ago

Yes showing my age now :)

Hahaha thats ok, dad

That's a fast car

Yep not to shabby.

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