#275 One Day, One Car

in #cars3 years ago

Today from the Netherlands with the innovative car, which is not only a car...

The car? The Pal V Liberty

The Dutch company PAL-V proposes to its customers more than a car... it is a half car, half helicopter.

Founded in 2001, the prototype (ready to be manufactured) was shown during the Geneva Motor Show 2018.

You can drive it for 1205 km, or you can fly with it for a range of approximate 500 km (As the manufacturer says: "it depends on the wind").

Did you know?

The company was named PAL-V as it means : Personal Air and Land Vehicle.






Enjoy ;)

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Perfect to commute when there is traffic jam...

yeah ;) though it is not as if you would bother with traffic jams in the first place when you can afford that lol

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