#279 One Day, One Car

in #cars3 years ago

Today from Germany with the classic model from end of 80's...

The car? The Mercedes-Benz SL 500

This model was born in mid 50's with the model 300SL and later it became SL500 with the code name R107. On the market from 1971 to 1987 with the engines from 2.8 to 5.6 liters.

Did you know?

For Mercedes-Benz the meaning of SL is - "Sport Leicht" (light sport).




Bonus picture - The next generation of SL. What would be your choice... Old or New?


Enjoy ;)

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Classic model, for me an old one finished in black ;-)

I'm gonna go with the red on this one, for the sake of having a different one ;)

Friend of mine has the regular coupé version. I will post a picture in a couple of days. Amazing one in 4.2L V8 :)))

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