#285 One Day, One Car

in #cars3 years ago

Today and to start your week, we stay in the USA to discover the car that has the same engine as in a previous post...

The car? The Ford Mustang 429 Boss

You are going to discover this car thanks to a special report by "Muscle Car of the week" and Kevin who is going to explain you this car.

Did you know?

There were only 1358 units released on the market.


Enjoy ;)

Missed out on my previous Car post? Find it here Car of The Day #284


I am totally in love with this one. It is going to be One Day, One of my Cars!

Please be my guest ;) love it too!

Dodge Challenger is my preference, but this Mustang is very NICE!
great Engine.
tks for sharring.

The beauty of America, in every category, you can find a car that you will fall in love with :) I like the dodge too but I can't put it up there vs. the Mustang, glad you enjoy the post :)

The muscular American, this particular model did not know him.

thanks for sharing.

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