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good morning my best friend all hopefully my friends all my friends are in good health always. on this very bright morning occasion I would like to share the story of a rice-cut car. and I found this rice-cutting car in my own village and I took this photo from my own camera



and car cutter this one is very unique really because this one car can also get on the car cutter. and car cutters that one is also already expel karna karna with his car then the young people in our village can not get the money because there is a car. we in the village only work as a maid for the community who have cut the rice. and citizens can help the person harvest itThis section will explain the methods of harvesting grain and grasses, main parts, workings, and performance evaluations of rice and grass harvesting machines



and this is all I can post on this bright morning opportunity and hopefully my friends all love my post on this sunny morning and do not forget in upvote and resteem have me steemit friend yes

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