The Cartesi Machine Specification

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The Cartesi Machine is a self-contained and deterministic computational model that can host modern operating systems. Real-world computations happen inside operating systems for good reasons. Developers are trained to use toolchains that operate at the highest possible abstraction level for any given job.

These toolchains isolate them from irrelevant hardware details and even from the particulars of a given operating system. Inventing an ad-hoc new architecture would then require the porting of a toolchain and operating system. Instead, Cartesi Machines are based on a proven architecture for which a standard toolchain and operating system are already available. On the other hand, off-chain computations performed by Cartesi Machines must be verifiable by a blockchain. The blockchain must therefore host a reference implementation of the entire architecture.

About Cartesi:
A bridge between Linux and blockchain
Build scalable DApps using a fully-fledged Linux operating system and mainstream software stacks. Run complex computations off-chain, free from blockchain limitations and fees, while retaining decentralization and security. DApps with Cartesi are easier to build, scalable and more powerful.

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