[Early Bird Bonus] The Next Big Casino on the Steem Blockchain + Steem Engine Integration

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Hey guys! KryptoGamers has just announced that they'll be launching their tokens within the next 1-2 weeks! This is very exciting news since it'll be the first major token on the Steem Engine exchange and the first casino on the Steem Blockchain to actually have tradable tokens!

I know what you're all thinking, how does this compare to Magic Dice, the tyrant of casinos on Steem right now??

As a holder of over 3,100,000 Magic Tokens across 4 accounts, I am disappointed to say that Magic Dice's team is next to non-existent, with zero communication and pushing updates incredibly slowly. I know Magic Dice had mover's advantage, but I feel it's time for some competition in the Steem casino scene. KryptoGamers have been pushing out update after update regularly recently and with their token launching in 1-2 weeks and dividends in 3-4, I'm sure the volume will soon come with it.

Features of GAMER Tokens


  • 10 billion total supply
  • 100 tokens per STEEM wagered
  • Halves every 10% distributed
  • Earn 1 token daily per SP delegated
  • 10% to team which is locked for 1 year
  • 10% for development
  • 5% for operations and upkeep
  • 5% reserved, usage will depend on demand
  • 10% to the community through promos
  • 60% to the community through playing
    However, the most promising and my personal favourite part of the GAMER token is their buyback/burning initiative. This will incentivise players to hold their tokens until burning get implemented. This will concentrate the tokens into a smaller amount, thus increasing the value of each token!

Features of KryptoGamers

  • Club Rewards - Play more to earn more!
    My personal profile!

  • Blackjack with 0.5% house edge

  • Dice with 1% house edge, compared to 2% at Magic Dice
    Notice how below 50 (49% win chance) returns 2.02 times your bet!

My analysis of KryptoGamers

This team appear to be in it for the long run. This is evident through their small house edge and their token lock for 1 year. Also, their focus on bringing more games to the platform is a major advantage over Magic Dice, which through the name alone suggested they only planned on having one game.

Burning of tokens is another main reasons I believe this platform will be sustainable in the long run. The more volume there is, the more they can afford to buy back and burn thus the more the tokens will be worth, which can easily snowball the growth of the platform. Even if the volume doesn't start off high, I believe it will be sustainable due to the growing amount of games offered on their platform. No one in their right mind will play hours of Dice, but I know many who will play hours of Blackjack, like myself! This platform promotes fun gambling, not just token mining which is why I believe it has a very bright future.

If you'd like to try your skill at some Blackjack, or mine some tokens with Dice, come play at KryptoGamers today!

This game is also being support on @yabapmatt's steembottracker website!


casinos were always big in crypto ;)

Yes, and now they're coming to Steem!

Magicdice team just delivers without hype. They have paid over 160000 in dividends yes 160000! and it pays out each and every day without fail - right now..not next month.. I know what site il be supporting and thats magic dice. I get you are trying to get refferals and all that, but magicdice just kills all competition right now.

You're not wrong! I have close to 3.2 million Magic Dice tokens but honestly I see it as a write off. It's true what you say, they deliver without hype, but there hasn't been much delivery lately.

Also, yes they've paid out 160,000 in dividends but this leads me to my biggest issue with them. This means they have statistically earned over 240,000 since dividends have come out. They also earned a lot before dividends were released (I forgot the exact number, but I think they had around 170k STEEM when dividends were released, someone please correct this if I'm wrong). However, they have less than 100,000 STEEM in their bankroll, which means they've withdrawn over 300,000 STEEM. If they were really in it for the long run, why wouldn't they increase their bankroll to increase max bets? I'm sure it doesn't cost that much to maintain the servers and pay the team, assuming Magic Dice isn't just a one man venture.

I've talked to them personally regarding this very issue and their defence was that they're scared of someone finding an exploit and thus losing their bankroll, but if that's true they could just store additional funds on a cold wallet like their other account @magicdice1. Instead, we can see they've cashed out over 400,000 STEEM since January this year.

You're also right that this post is to get more referrals, yet I've received none so far :(

They updated the game just over two weeks ago to add a leaderboard and daily magic bonuses...thats a fairly major update just over a fortnight ago.

It is absolutely right of magic dice to remove some of their earnings - it would be madness to have everything on one account for precisely the reason you mention. I think over 1400 steam in one bet is more than enough as a max bet really. They have done an amazing job and the game looks and feels the best out of all of them - new games are coming soon too.

Refferals are really hard to get, and even harder to keep. since its so easy to have two accounts and refer your "friend"

That's true, not gonna lie I was very impressed with the leaderboards features! I also agree aesthetically they appear to be the most refined and legit. If new games come out, I think I'd say Magic Dice is number 1 again in terms of potential.

However, I guess there's no harm in diversifying at the moment. I still have almost 3.2 million tokens on Magic Dice which I feel is enough for now!

Good luck and happy betting, whichever platform you choose to use!

Magicdice have specifically stated they are working on another game as we speak, it will either be a crash type game like moonsteem or a lottery.

Thank you and the same for you:)

Everything you said it true. I am supporting both projects! They are both good for Steem. Competition is good!

I delegated 5.6k Steem yesterday. Hopefully the tokens will do something. :)

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That's a fair sized delegation and very timely too. I saw they were starting to run out of RCs a few days ago they actually had to power up some of their bankroll!

I wasn't paying any attention to the RCs, I had eyes only for the tokens! That, and at real world casinos, I was such a tragic for Pontoon / Blackjack.

I like that they launched with that capability.

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Yeahhh, I'm also quite a big fan of video poker which is the next game they're launching. I played a lot (like literally for hours) on GTA San Andreas back when I was like 12 years old lmao

sounds good, I always wanted to be a poker star ;)

I’d love to see an actual poker game on Steem. The day that happens will be the day that I never see daylight again.

Dice and blackjack just don’t do it for me.

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So much 'like' my upvote isn't big enough for it! I want to see a poker game on Steem that lets us wager semi-worthless Steem Monsters cards as poker chips.


Oh, this time is different, right?

Hi, which part are you referring to exactly?

Every new announcement starts with the same words.
We are different or this time is different.
Will see how it goes with this one.
I'm not against any of them.

Ahhhh you're right.

I guess each time we invest these kinda things it's always very risky. If this happens to be the right one and it ends up being the biggest casino on Steem, then we did well! If it ends up like another Magic Dice then I guess it's byebye to our investment.

I like this casino the most out of all the other alternatives to Magic Dice because their team communicates, they seem professional and they've been pushing out update after update like crazy recently.

It’s always a risk, but sometimes you gotta take that leap!

I’ve been loving blackjack so far... you’re right in your post when you say that it’s so much more than just a token mine. It’s actually fun to play.

The team has been really communicative, I asked them a few questions on discord and they always got back to me quickly

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Same thing I've been thinking! I came for the blackjack, stayed for the team. I really like how they've conducted themselves so far and how communicative they are. I feel like this is the first casino with real potential on our blockchain.

Yes, yes, this is exciting. Thank you for your input.

Can I ask for the delegation link?

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I can generate a link for you, how much SP would you like to delegate?

Just 100 sp

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I've played. Their dice game is boring like all the rest.

The blackjack game is fun and I'm looking forward to seeing what the poker games do.

I delegated! I'm looking forward to seeing how their token does

I also delegated a small amount to Magic Dice. One must diversify in gambling apps. :)

I agree, dice is quite boring but I realised I'm actually shit at blackjack LMAO

Furthermore I believe in diversification, but I believe I have enough on Magic Dice so I wanna farm some more on Krypto Games. My goal is to have at least 10 million Gamer Tokens and possibly even more if they're cheap on the market when it first comes out.

Good opportunity for all of us. Thanks for this information.

Excellent is very entertaining in game but with the new update they made it more exciting

Oh let’s go! I’ve been looking for a website with some tokens for poker! Time to buy a good amount thanks for sharing!

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You got my referral! Update I’m pretty happy with the site. Almost copper level! I’d recommend checking it out.

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Thanks for using the link! Good luck and happy betting! I saw your history and it seems like you had a pretty good run on Blackjack, congrats!

Yeah always good to have positive returns. All returns go straight to powering up so no complaints other than I’m out of liquid steem.

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combination of casino and crypto currencies , is really an improvement of things.

Re post !!!Because I believe that crypto gamers will be more excited for the launching of this new token that can be tradable in the future.

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Looks like I earn myself some tokens last night 😂

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Will this include raked poker tables?

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Thanks for sharing, player just play carefully it would be unlucky to lose your token while prices is rising :)

wow im new here

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Good for you.

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lets get more traffic and attention to steem chain with all these wonderful developments going on !

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