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One aspect of blockchain technology a lot of existing virtual ecosystem, the crypto market, have not adopted massively is the cross-border transaction capacity of the technology. Innovations in the Blockchain industry are limited to the crypto ecosystem or the virtual currency alone; the technology can function optimally in bringing together many industries and enhance transactions across various systems. That being said, there is a network that actualizes this pipeline project and adopts the innovation massively to transform the ecosystem and the entire world of transactions. From banking, to finance, gaming, dividend, and crypto industry, ANYONE is here to bring everything together under one platform.
How ANYONE achieve system unifying?


ANYONE is a truly global services network that creates platform for investors and gamblers an ease of making transactions across various platforms. As an online platform ANYONE serves the gaming and gambling industry, helping players and actors in the industry to understand the power of transactional ease and huge return on investment (ROI). With a vision to ensure predictability in share price, maintain market stability, price fluidity, ANYONE encourages and patterns with individual and corporate business owners in the casino and gaming industry to develop independently unique business models through individual coin ownership. With the coin, individuals can do transactions on various platforms by owning a currency, the ANYONE, that truly serves beyond the buy-and-sell medium. However, ANYONE coin functions as, one, a medium of exchange, and two, and more importantly, to break barriers that hinder entry many other coin exchanges that often come with high cost listing.


As you won the ANYONE coin, you are able to make transactions across various exchanges on the crypto market, whether crypto banking, realtor, project financing, or gaming, etc. The ANYONE coin is unique because no other exchange owns a coin with such multiple functions. Outside Ethereum network, ANYONE coin is not on the same ranking with any other virtual currency in the market. Besides, the coin offers you great opportunities to enter into any ANYONE games. There quite plenty of games to choose from and stakes on. With ANYONE, you can access any of the games and place your betting on it. What about earning dividends by simply being on the platform. ANYONE indeed is a unifying system that offers what others don’t or can’t. Once you’re able to accumulate 100,000 coins and allows it to stay on the platform for a period not less than 12 hours, you are entitled the network’s dividends.


Finally, ANYONE is an investment system that based on referral marketing. Many systems could come together, purchase investment with the use of ANYONE or the GAMECHIP models, and they get paid by way of compensation by ANYONE this payment is on a daily basis and the interest rate is calculated based on the amount of investment made. On the platform, purchases are done on two levels: ANYONE buys 120 days while GAMECHIP purchases 100 days. Meanwhile, on every product you buy, there is a guide attached to it.




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