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The gaming industry has not got better without a platform where gamblers, players and actors in the industry can boast of earning even if odds don’t favour. By mere investing in any crypto Exchange platform, game enthusiasts should be able to have something as rewards. This is one of many issues investors in the crypto exchange market face, besides insecurity of data, lack transparency, low scalability and low value coins.


ANYONE is more than just an investment platform; it is truly an investors’ platform. As an investment platform, ANYONE works with on its own POWs principles and is available. Interestingly, the coins issued out by mining are only used for the benefit of coin allowance, and they are extinguished by commission. Up until now, the trend in crypto dividend payment is between 30 and 60%, but ANYONE allocates 100% of its revenue to users as dividends for staying on the platform. Apart from that, empirical evidence shows that the issue with transparency in the crypto world remains largely unresolved. But with ANYONE, some high level of trust and transparency has been brought to the table. Besides the fact that the platform offers 100% of its revenue, owners have unhindered access to history of their dividend and transaction. The coin issuance of ANYONE is complete, and so, the owner's dividend can be checked fairly and transparently. The system currently operates a small game and open additional monthly contents including Dasai, Baccara, roulette, Blackjack, Holdam, and Slot Machine. The network opens one of these contents each month following the roadmap. The system also guarantees increased access to contents for developers of crypto coin and the content is offered at very lost and competitive prices.


User of ANYONE coin can directly without any intermediary determine how much they are going to trade the coin through the ANYONE exchange. The middleman stuff which eats up a lot of profits is completely eliminated. ANYONE helps prevent the broker intervention and fraud losses. The owner has an equity ratio if the amount of coin they own or hold is divided by the total amount of coin issued.



As it stands, ANYONE has been successfully launched in Hong Kong and Belize. With total issuance of 6 billion, the network has completed a circle of its coin issuance. The 3.1 billion ANY in AnyOne Foundation Holds and is not distributed to the market as a holding for the dividend of shares. ANYONE equity dividends generate 100% of the revenue which are proceeds from Aniwon Exchange and AnyOne Games. Anyone will receive the same dividends and use them for operating expenses. The platform has also launched its ANYONE Games, a mini Game Launching was done in Hong Kong. However, the plan is to launch the Anyone Malaysia Office, ANYONE Hold’em Games Launching in TEXAS, ANYONE Games Blackjack Launching, and Anyone Slot Machine 5 Games Launching in the third quarter (Q3) of 2019. In March, Anyone Dividends Site Launching was done alongside the Anyone Games Site Launching.




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