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Maintaining price stability and remaining relevant in the crypto market are two sides of virtual ecosystem that most, if not all virtual investors want to see. But these have been obviously lacking in the last few years that cryptocurrency business has been on. Most of the trading platforms have not provided these incredible services that will sustain the market. But ANYONE hands over to investors capacity to own their coin and trade without having to rely on the most popular networks in the system. Coin and Wallet ownership concept
The concept of coin and currencies in the cryptocurrency is amazing. But very insignificant number of exchanges offers those services. With ANYONE, you can own you coin and trade them at will, without interference of hindrance from the platform provider.


How does it work?
Anyone Wallet works for Operating System of Windows 32 and 64 Bit. You can download Anyone and Anyone Wallet on Android, Windows and IOS devices. Anyone operates with coin name ANYONE and a ticker called ANY. ANYONE is valued based on the amount of transactions a user is able to deploy the currency with. Meanwhile, owners of coins can design their own independent business models in line with ANYONE business models. Interestingly, the model is not local but global services, with the network looking at the entire crypto and extra-crypto markets. Currently, a number of crypto currency ICOs and IEOs issue tokens, with most of the tokens not being able to be exchanged. In fact majority of the existing tokens are maintained over the Ethereum network. However, using technology like the Mainnet, ANYONE currencies are available for trading. They can be traded at the order of the owner.
As it stands, the coin supply of ANYONE is 20 billion ANY with a confirmation percent of 100 and a block time of just 60 seconds. Investors will love to know that the production of ANAYONE crypto coin has successfully passed through POW, following POS and MASTERNODE models. What that means is that ANYONE maintains its own POW Logan blockchain. The implication will be that there will be no sudden fall in prices as no extra volume of ANYONE is issued in the market. The network only retain 45% of the issued ANYONE.


How to Trade Anyone
Unlike many of the available exchange platforms, ANYONE network looks to achieve the possibility of trading its coin without relying on other currencies by providing windows android wallet and web wallet of games. You can use the coin on Meanwhile, the coin is owned by the owner of ANYONE, and this is unlike the mechanism of other platforms in terms of trading. With ANYONE, users can own coins and trade with them. You do not have to rely on popular currency like Ethereum network before you can trade ANYONE. It is an autonomous coin that can be traded based on the owners choice of time. As a crypto investor, why not choose a platform where you can own your coin, trade them and see transparently all transactions. That’s the beauty of ANYONE.




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