Caturday - Sara Bear (the new kitty on the block)

in #cat2 years ago (edited)

Here is a cute shot of the newest addition to our household. Our youngest son named her Sara for no reason he just said that's what we should call her. And the name Sara stuck. Mrs. B added the Bear last name since she kinda looks like a super tiny bear sometimes. She loves people and is very loving toward our human family members. However, she can not stand any of our other 5 cats. Which means she gets isolated to mommy and daddy's bedroom (luckily we have a huge master suite so she has lots of room).

caturday - 1_lzn.jpg

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Those ears! So adorable. And being upside down, I keep thinking it's some sort of batcat! She also has the fur color and pattern as my cat.

I love the eyes, this is one smart cat!


Cute little beast! Glad you have her to teach the other 5 proper purring techniques, ROFLOL. I hope the warfare stops for your kitties!

They are a lot of fun to have around, Enjoy!


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