cat neutering

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Hello, steem friends, we have two cats in our house, necmi and dumiş :) Necmi had been sterilized before, and it was time for Duman, who was 9 months old. It is certain that they live in their most beautiful natural environment, but as we embrace; we have to choose the healthy one.


The ability of cats to reproduce under anesthesia is the process of terminating using interventional methods, neutering cats. During the operation, the testicles of the male cat and the uterus and ovaries of the female cat are removed. The cat sterilization operation performed is a permanent and irreversible operation. Cats are also spayed differently according to their breed. Many factors such as gender, weight, season, nutrition, feather structure play a role in determining this time. For this reason, cats that complete 6 months and are over 2.5 kilos are usually suitable for neutering.


If we come to the benefits of Neutering Cats; Cats do not show signs of anger. Some problems that develop due to the desire to match are eliminated. The risks of serious diseases such as breast tumor, uterine and ovarian cancer are reduced. Unplanned kittens are avoided. Cats are provided longer life and healthier. Testicular cancer risk is eliminated. Prostate problem is eliminated.