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hello my all friend kaisey hoo app saab dost.mujhe cat bhut achi lagte hai aur pyaare bhi lagte hai .maine uss sy bhut pyaar kartai hoo mere ghar maine saab loog uss animal ko bhut pasand karte hai.maien app dostion kye saath phalye bhi bhut achi achi cat kye photo share kye hai ajj maine app kye saath phire ik new photo share kerehai ko mere ajj kye post achi lagye gai aur pasand bhi ayaai gyee.mere pass bhi ik kabshurat cat hai pakistan maine mujhe woh bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai.jaise ko uss ka shouq hota hai woh apni pass yeahi cat rekthai hai mujhe bhi cat ka bhut shouq hai aur mera cousion uss ka bussinse kartai hai uss kye pass bhi bhut achi achi cat hai.


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bhair kye country maine loog uss ko apni pass rekthna zaida pasand karte hai woh unn ko apni saath saath rekthai hai uss animal sy pyaar karte hai.hum ko bhi uss animal sy pyaar karna cyeahi uss ko apni saath saath rekhna cyeahi yeahi bhut hai zaida acha animal hai aur pyaara bhi ik massom animal hai hum saab ko cyeahi uss sy hum bhut hai zaida pyaar kerehai.


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