Cat Tree Repair Hack

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I don't know how many of you have cats but at some point in time you may have bought them one of those cat trees with the carpet on the outside and the little round support posts wrapped with the rope. The pieces screw into each to make a series of levels that can be quite elaborate and tall.

The cats in my household seem to enjoy the cat tree. They can be found lounging on the different levels throughout the day. The cats can be rambunctious and race up and down the levels vigorously which causes the tree to sway. On bottom level I have place several 20-pound containers of kitty litter to help stabilize the structure.

The problem is that over time of steady use the connectors in the posts start to give way and the sway gets worse to the point of scary. I had to do away with the top level that sat on a single post because it was wobbling badly and I couldn’t tighten it. When I took it apart, I saw that the nut was embedded in a thin plastic end cap and that the plastic was cracking. I tried a couple of different ways to reinforce the nut and nothing really fixed the problem.

Over the last couple of weeks, I notice the second level of the cat tree was really starting to sway, so I tried tightening the various pieces. It helped a little for about a week and then it started swaying again. I was really considering replacing the cat tree but they are not cheap. The price for something decent can cost over $100 USD.

Then I decided to try one more thing. I had a left-over piece of flat wood molding that was about 46 inches long and 1 ¼ inches wide. I pre-drilled the holes and used wood screws to attached the wood to the side of the cat tree hoping it would act as a brace. I held my breath the first time one of the cats ran up the tree. It worked! The cat tree is stable and the cats are happy.
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Sweet! My cats would trash that right away the way they chase each other around. But, how nice to have a comfy place to watch the world go by.

That's brilliant. Everything is made so cheaply, these days. That's a great way to extend the life of the cat tree. Nice work.

Hello Friend how are you @altportal? your cat is very comfortable there in that place I have heard that they adore those stuffed things I like a little more the dogs but the cats are tender besides I think they are so neat they make their needs if you put their sand they will always do it there

I love cats is the first thing I'll say hahaha

I know how they enjoy these things I think cats are so comfortable this is one of their favorite objects they like to lie down there and sharpen their nails

Since I was little I have cats and I have never been able to buy one of these are very expensive

My cats usually pass their nails by the wooden seats also my cat that I have now usually sleep on the carpet at the entrance to my house

My friend how are you? Have you been a little busy? your cat is very beautiful I see that you take care of him when arranging his cat tree so that he is comfortable
I send you many greetings I hope everything is fine


Hello my friend how are you? days without knowing about you? you care for your kitten you worry and you fix your house that is very good not everyone cares for their pets
You fixed her cat tree and it fits very well
It looks adorable your kitten in the photo

What a beautiful cat you have! I also had a Black cat in my childhood. My cat lived for 13 years. Cats treat people.

You bought a nice house for a cat. The cat needs to sharpen the claws. The cat will not spoil your home furniture.

Awesome. My house also has two cats. Your idea is very interesting. I will try. :))

I am sure this made your felines happy.