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RE: Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Moar Lazy Sunbathing Cat Photos! Plus, Sort of a Group Shot, and The Return o' Kenji!

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Spectacular lighting, indeed! Beautiful shots!
Give Blaze a hug for me if he'll tolerate such a thing :)


He tolerates hugs for about 1.3 seconds, then will find a way to squirm his body out of my grasp, lol.

Our ginger tom was like that until he became an old man. At age 12, he started allowing me to hold him for up to half an hour - I would be the first one to initiate his removal from my shoulder. Old cats are great!! Sadly however it may be their being old and unwell that makes them so tolerant of being held. -_-

Hehe yeah we had 3 other cats when I was a baby till about six or seven, old cats have such wisened personalities.

The Old Ones!
In one of the Henri videos, he gives a nod to the Old One. I love those. And need I remind you again that a you-tube channeld of @grapthar's cats is long overdue?

Soon! I will be sharing some videos soon for sure! Just been busy lately, I want to edit them a bit, get some text and background music and whatnot.

I can't wait!!!!! BLAZE, star of the big screen! Tiger and Cleo, and the lurking neighbor cat in her box!

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