More Cats!!

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People seemed to dig my introduceyourself post of my cats. So I will add some more!

Mishu and Ava:

Ava is the little pudgy one on the stool. Mishu is the one on the table. Ava is a big furball of love. A gentle giant if you will. She loves to be pet and will greet me at the door when I come home for work for pets and food. She has a purr that can be heard across the room. Mishu is an interesting cat. I swear he is a reincarnated person. I constantly ask him "who are you?" because his personality is so unique. Mishu is the definition of curiosity killed the cat. He is intensely interested in not only everything you are doing but all new items brought into the house. Mishu and Ava have a unique relationship dynamic. Ava is more of a laid back cat who gets skittish easily. Mishu loves to play, chase, and be all over the house. So sometimes the playful chasing by Mishu scares Ava. Sometimes they coexist peacefully. Sometimes Ava is deathly afraid of Mishu. In this picture you can see that Ava is more or less just dealing with his presence.

I was cleaning their litter boxes. I told you Mishu is always interested in what I am doing.


Here's my princess Lilli. She is a tiny cat. She's about 12 years old and weighs maybe 5lbs. She is the definition of spoiled princess. She was in a stressful cat home when I first got her and wasn't getting along with the other cats so I adopted her and brought her to college with me. She lived with me off campus and was "one of the guys" as she would always be hanging out with me and my friends when they came over. Lilli loves her window spots, sunshine, and to be picked up, flipped over, and have her neck rubbed. Lilli is the most talkative cat in the world. "Hey Lilli!" will be met with meows. Calling her from anther room and you hear her answer, even if she doesn't feel like coming. Lilli and Mishu get along great. Lilli has learned that Mishu's playing is not meant in a bad way. So they can be found chasing each other around the house, hiding and jumping at each other, and laying on the same couch. Lilli and Ava also get along great. It's just that Ava would rather enjoy her time alone.


Here's Hershey to the left of Mishu. He was my fiancee's cat for 17 years. Was with her most of her life. I had the wonderful fortune of having Hershey adopt me when I first moved in with my fiancee. Unfortunately 2 years ago we had to help Hershey on his way due to his renal failure issues. Hershey and Mishu were brothers and the best of friends. Mishu was visibly depressed and upset about the loss of his brother and his playmate. It almost made me cry when I would see Mishu run around to Hershey's favorite spots and sniff his blanket looking for him or when I pulled out Hershey's old cat carrier a year after and Mishu got all excited because he smelled his brother. There feels like there is something missing without him. Love you Hershey.

More Hershey:

Enjoying his sunlight

Towards the end when Hershey was weak Mishu made sure to pamper his brother, help clean him, and would even come running in the room if he heard commotion between Hershey and the other cats to try to protect him. I cannot express the love these 2 had for each other.

I can add more another time if people enjoyed!