Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! A Few Individual Shots, and Video of Tiger and His Fountain!

in #cats2 months ago

I didn't get a lot of photos today, but they were all in portrait-mode, so that's always a win. However, I did get an awesome video of Tiger being a total weirdo and playing with his fountain. He managed to get himself completely covered with water, and get the entire kitchen soaking wet. I was tempted to stop him, but I figured it's the closest to a bath he's going to get for a while, lol. Enjoy!

Cleo in his new couch location.

Photo May 25, 14 40 00.jpg

Blaze sitting around.

Photo May 25, 14 40 30.jpg

Tiger in his tunnel, again.

Photo May 25, 14 40 07.jpg

Blaze again.

Photo May 25, 14 40 41.jpg

Tiger and his water.

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