Grapthar's Daily Cat Photos! Once Again, Lazy Cats Being Lazy!

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Another lazy day. The cats have all been pretty active at night lately, I find them running around, in and out of their tunnels, when I get home late in the evening, so they wind up not doing much during the day. They get a short burst of energy to come eat their food, then are back at the laziness within 20/30 minutes, lol. But, it's my job to capture them in their natural state, active or lazy, so I hope you enjoy today's photos!

Blaze looking so majestic.


Cleo hanging out.


Tiger on the organ bench.


Blaze again, walking towards me for pets.


Cleo up close, snaggletoofs.


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Have they taken their lunch? Looking like they did!

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A few of these were before lunch, Blaze has a shot from before and after today, as does Cleo. Tiger's was after, haha.

Ohhh Cleo up close - "snaggletoofs" - she's really competing to get attention away from the majestic Blaze! But her look is comedy, his is Cowboy Western. Tiger on the bench is still like "Best Supporting Actor" in a drama. I love these characters!

haha Blaze definitely has a bit of the gruff western hero vibe.

He is the Clint Eastwood of cats! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Great shot of Blaze :-)

I like that shot too! He was very photogenic yesterday.

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