Helmi The Cat Turned Five Today + Liquor Ice Cream

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Happy Birthday, Helmi! She was born deep in the countryside in the eastern part of the region of Finland Proper. We responded to an ad put out by the owner in June 2015. In August, we went to pick her up. We still maintain contact with her previous keeper on Facebook. We send photos of her and receive photos of her close relatives. You could almost mistake some of them for our cat. Ours was the friendliest of them all.


Obviously, we could not share the same dishes with the cat. Our daughter ate ice cream cake I bought from a supermarket but we the adults had this. This ice cream made by Bad Santa. Its alcohol content is 4.2%. My wife had the sweet pear flavored one and I had this. We loved it! I was a bit afraid that the licorice flavor would dominate the palate too much but the manufacturer had avoided that trap. The taste was subtle and delicious and all the components worked beautifully together. The pear-flavored one was also excellent. The only deterrent against buying more of this on the regular, apart from the alcohol, is the price: €3.99. That's a fair bit expensive for 200 ml. That must be partly because this one is gourmet ice cream and partly because of the high alcohol tax.