Update time: Peanut and Yoda go to the vet

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Peanut has progressed very well, gaining confidence and trust. He still tends to run away if approached although he comes back if called and he comes to the door when I first come in in the morning with his tail held high, a friendly sign. He also lets me pick him up and so I thought that he would be ok to go for his first vet visit and vaccinations.


All in all, it went well: he didn't freak out in the car and met the vet and allowed her to handle him without too much fear. I was worried that he would be retraumatised but he shows no sign of regression to a fearful state.

peanuts .jpg
taking a nap after the vet visit

After we got home, he was lethargic and a bit unhappy for a few hours but that's to be expected. Kittens can become feverish as they mount an immune response to the vaccinations. My vet estimated his age at about 10 weeks which shows just how young he was when he turned up three weeks ago at the shop where I work. She says he's a little pot bellied and recommended that I deworm him again. I put kitten Revolution flea treatment on him 10 days ago as he had plenty of fleas and that also kills some worms but it's likely that he also has tapeworms from the fleas.

Like all good cats, he prefers to conduct his business wherever my attention is focused, so, eating on my mousepad is mandatory. Naturally, I obliged and moved my mouse to the books

Yoda, as I mentioned here, is a rather difficult cat but he was well behaved at the vet this time and although she said she hasn't seen anything like his paws before, she was prepared to treat on a presumptive diagnosis of Pillow foot because there aren't any conditions that look exactly like this and she didn't want to go cutting out bits of his paw for biopsy as healing could be difficult. I was very relieved, because that was going to be very expensive and I am broke.


Pillow foot is a rare autoimmune condition and the preferred treatment for this is 60 day course of Doxycycline, because it modulates the immune system. I had to laugh though: she knows what Yoda is like and she only gave me one week's worth of tablets saying "we aren't allowed to accept returns of unused medications so before I make you pay for lots of tablets, let's see if you can actually get these pills into him. If you are successful, come back for more."

Yoda takes tablets, it's just that you are likely to bleed a lot during the process and he might decide that he would prefer to live outside even more than he currently does. So far, we are one down, 59 to go. Wish me luck



He looks very content and happy... you've done a wonderful job of helping him settle in.

What is he pretty and sweet !!!!!!
At the expense of vaccinations.
I searched and read a lot about the benefits and harms of vaccines.
So, one professor wrote that a kitten should be vaccinated at the age of 6 months (not earlier!)
Before up to six months of age, the kitten has immunity from mom.
Then at 6 months they are vaccinated and only once until the end of life.
What veterinarians say about the frequency of vaccinations and at what age, this is all a business that ultimately harms the health of the animal.
That is, instead of helping, these vaccinations weaken the cat's body.
I don’t know if you will agree with this, but try to look for information.
My observations of my cats, which I have for 15 years:
the cats I vaccinated live less ...
the cats that I did only 1 time are alive and have never been sick for 15 and 11 years !!!!!
They are alive and now.

Vaccination is definitely something to be informed about, I have read all the debates about vaccinations and I am not in favour of yearly vaccination, nor do I do it but I also think that it is a mistake not to vaccinate at all. I have seen animals die terribly because they weren't vaccinated and rabies is always a risk in my country. As far as I know, kitten immunity from mom only lasts for a short time, not six months, and viruses like panleukopenia are deadly to kittens.
I give kitten shots and boosters and again after 1 year and then I don't vaccinate again because there is risk of cancer at the injection site.

There is no rabies in Cyprus.
But, when I flew with cats to exhibitions, I definitely did this vaccine (and others), as in other countries there is rabies.
It also plays a role that my cats live only in the apartment, do not walk on the street.
I bought cats only with the results of tests for various diseases.
After all, I was engaged in breeding cats, so cats must be healthy.

Yes, of course. I wish all breeders were so responsible. My cats enjoy outside too much, I couldn't keep them inside, they get very pissed off, especially Yoda. He will jump out of windows, or rattle them all night if he can't go outside.

Thank you so much for the curation!

Great news with the new guy, he is so handsome...I guess you know about wrapping Yoda in a towel when you pill him... Two people would help 2...

I don't have a second person handy and I have developed my own tricks for him. We'll just have to see, I guess

The kittens are looking good, I am so glad you found them. Hopefully, you can get the pills down him.

I am also glad I found him, poor terrified little soul. The pilling will be a challenge, for sure

We had a cat like him. He hated the pills. We bought a syringe and would powder each pill and dissolve it into a drop or two of water. Then it was easier to squirt it into the back of his throat. Good luck.

Yes, syringing is an option, but unfortunately these pills should not be crushed, they damage the oesophagus if not administered whole, in an enteric-coated form

Very cute :)

yes, they are

So glad to see amazing progress with the kitten! You did very well with Peanut and Yoda!
Hope you could manage to get the tablets taken by the patient!

Good luck!

Thank you! I am surprised and pleased at his progress, he really is a sweet soul
As for the tablets: I can only try :)

Awww what a cute little fella.

He's irresistible! Even the vet was charmed

Excellent bed at this cat. He probably likes to sleep curled up there.

Excellent bed at
This cat. He probably likes
To sleep curled up there.

                 - nilpan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes, all the cats love these beds, I have a number of them for all the cats

Good luck! And hope it helps the poor paws. He is such a cute kitty.
And the little ones is just adorable! :)

Thank you, we'll get through this

I still say peanut is adorable. I've been following this story and I still say he is adorable. Of course I'm partial to Siamese Hybrids. We have two. There seems to be a lot of feral ones here in NM

Oh he is! Yes, there's something about the siamese looks, the little monkey face is irresistible


Best of luck!!
Fingers crossed for as little blood as possible!

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I will try and keep my blood to myself :)

Hahaha, you can only try...

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So cute cat @nikv .
Beautiful photographs my friend.

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Such a good update....

Yes, I have been lucky with him



We have one just like Peanut....

7 yrs later....



You've just reminded me of the cat that somehow my grandmother ended up caring for. I don't remember if it was a stray or left behind by a lodger. Either way, my parents had to try and get a course of pills down it and it was definitely not a happy cat at that point. I think (he? I feel like it was male) was wrapped in a towel for the process. It got harder each pill time and he got better at gagging and spitting it out.

They can become more difficult as time progresses si I have mastered the art of ninja-pilling and I don't use a towel because the restraint would drive him nuts, I have another trick. I am also pretty good at getting the pill in quickly, that's important too

Peanuts is a little blue eyed heartbreaker!
Hope Yoda cooperates and gets better quickly!

Mucha suerte amiga @nikv. Está poniéndose muy bonito. Al cabo de poco llegaran novias.
Good luck friend @nikv. It's getting very pretty. Soon after, brides will arrive.

Peanut is a pretty cat and a pretty name as well! 😁 I love how you take care of him, and how you patiently gain his trust. You really have a big heart @nikv.

I hope that Yoda will respond well to the treatment. I have never heard of Pillow foot before. Thank you for everything that you do. ❤

Thank you!

Peanut is a beautiful kitten. He will be a great pet now he is taken care of. He’s lucky to have you.

Poor Yoda. Good luck with getting the pills in him. 🙏

As I said to my vet, the wandering cats just know who to come to. As for Yoda, we'll make a plan

I joke with Andrea saying; we have an invisible target in our front yard that only animals can see & read. It says "suckers for orphans"

That is indeed a thing

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