The Unassuming Relationship Between Pregnancy And Laziness!

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Hello awesome Steemians

It's no doubt that, the joy of birthing a child brings overwhelming joy to parents although it could be physically demanding on the health of the mother especially during pregnancy but at the same time, I have witness in the lives of some women around me, how gladly they welcome this challenge.


In Cats, you can't often tell when they are pregnant as they don't show any physical symptoms of pregnancy until a few weeks into their term. However, it took me no time in detecting that our beloved cat is pregnant and would deliver her kittens soon due to her complete loss of interest in her usual physical activities and recently protruding belly.

It with great sense of joy that I await these lovely bundles of fur. Don't know if is proper to say safe deliver...Haha!


It with great sense of joy that I await these lovely bundles of fur. Don't know if is proper to say safe deliver...Haha!

Best regards,


Hi dear @straighttalk.

I just checked your account again and it seem that you're not active on Steemit any more. Hope you didn't give up on this platform and our little community. And hope you're well.

All best, Piotr.

Hello great friend, I trust you are keeping well...
I am still on the Steemit platform although I have been busy managing some projects at hand.

I continue to wish our community the very best and please keep the memos coming as I will continue to do just to them.

Thanks & best regards always,

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Dear @straighttalk

I hope you don't mind if I would remove my little delegation as I would like to use some of my STEEM POWER to support "project #hope" (I mentioned about it in my latest post).

If you think that you may still need that that delegation then please let me know. I checked your current SP and I think you should be fine.

Let me know:)
Yours, Piotr

Hello great friend, Its okay by me...
Thanks for your amazing support!

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