Caturday – Proof Soju Is Addicted To Weed🐱

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As some of you may know, I have been growing oat grass for Soju – The Bossy Ragdoll Cat. She loves oat grass a lot. So much that she has now become addicted. I’ve tried to tell her but she keeps denying it is an addition. She keeps saying she has it under control. So it is now time for an intervention. 🐱

To my dear Soju, this happened today and I recorded it to show you your actions. I hope you can understand my love for you.

Soju: ~sniff sniff~ Is that what I think it is

Soju: ~chomp~



Soju: ~CHOMP~


Check out the above video here Soju; look at how gentle you were compared to the video below. After each weed you became feistier and demanding as you bared your teeth and claws at me.


I almost lost my fingers in the process.


This was the last blade of grass I gave you.


To which when there were none left you turned away from me. When I called you, you thought I had more. So you turned back towards me, licking your lips like crazy. When I showed you my empty hand, you sniffed it and snubbed away from me. Where was my thank you? What about some appreciation of the fact that I gave you some to eat?

All images and gifs belong to @supersoju


Yep, those eyes are the eyes of an addict. She is gorgeous!

lol @

Yep, those eyes are the eyes of an addict.

Suppperr cute Soju!!! It would be hard not to spoil her rotten with that kind of face hehehe.

Please be careful with your fingers, my neighbour cat used to claw all over my arms, and all I did was petting them D:.


EEkk claw all over your arms just from petting?! Better wear thick long sleeve jackets/tops when petting your neighbour's cat lol

Yeah cat was chill and all when I started petting, it even let me picked it up, but then my other neighbors came home and the noises of people made the cat very suspicious and untrusting >.<.

It happened twice because I was keen to gain its trust back, and also coz I’m dumdum lol.

As always, big smiles to see the gorgeous and haughty Soju. I loved the photos. I haven’t forgotten her story, just too busy to make the necessary changes. I want it to do her justice. Lol

Ps: I’ll note down she likes oat grass. ;)

Edit: omg...the vid came to chomping life after I posted the comment. Definitely watch your fingers!

hahaha it's all good. I know you're a very busy woman and mum.
If you want to paint her as a crazy or dopey cat, you're more than welcome to. Just blame it on the weed oat grass.

Oh my! Soju is beautiful! Beautiful, wild and dangerous :D Nina loves her grass too. I think that's why she never throws up - she eats a lot of it. We also comb her twice a day but I honestly think she eats more grass than meat every day lol. She just likes it. :D

hahahaha we have another addict! Even more so than Soju to eat it more than meat!

oh no soju! do not hurt your human if not, can not grow more grass!

Soju: That is a good point! But it is so good I cannot help myself if fingers get in the way.

Grrraasss! Must have grraaasssss

Exactly what Soju would say if she could speak lol

That is so funny and im still laughing. Soju is looking a little puffy is she preparing for winter.


Soju is looking a little puffy is she preparing for winter.

No, she is just a fatty bum. She always looks puffy. kekeke
She doesn't seem to grow her winter coat like she use to. It use to get much longer and people would mistaken her for a dog. 🤔

Wow, your cat looks gorgeous. I'm looking for a ragdoll cat myself. Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Ragdoll cats are like dogs stuck in a cat's body hahaha
They like company and will follow you around and meow at you to get back inside.
Ragdoll cats are bigger than your average indoor cat. If you are looking to get a male ragdoll, be prepared to end up with a big looking cat. When we went to purchase Soju from a retire breeder, we had a look at her parents. We were shocked at how big the father was!!

The reason why we wanted to check out the parents was because of the fact that Soju didn't come with pedigree papers. So no proof of her being a real ragdoll since a crossed siamese cat could look similar. So the only way to check was to see her parents because ragdolls are much bigger cats. If you buy a ragdoll with pedigree papers, it will cost a lot more.

Also a ragdoll cat does not have an undercoat like other cats do. Their fur should feel very soft like rabbit's fur.

Oh this is exciting! I hope you do decide to get a ragdoll, they are really soft and fluffy.
Oh another thing is, their fur can get really long in winter. So be prepared for a lot of hairball. Though you could give them a bit of a shave during summer. We found that helped. I made a post on it in the past, if you're interested to learn more

Thank you girl ! That's very helpful. Yes, for sure we are going to get one. BTW, do you have any info about those breeders list, or any particular one you could recommend ? Thx.

You're welcome. I don't have a list, but there are lists online, depending where you live. I live in Australia and there are registered breeders for different states. This list can be found online since they have to be registered. There are some breeders which you can place an order with them for the next litter. Some also advertise online on trading sites; for example we have and
We found Soju on one of these sites; can't remember which.
Also in Australia it is now illegal to sell pets without being micro chipped.

Perfect ! I'm about to check it out. Thanks a bunch for the valuable info!

Wow... she is pretty intense about her oat grass; the look in those eyes are all about "Target acquired! Gimme!"

Our former cat "Orange" was almost like a cow. If we set a small flat of oat grass down for him, he'd literally "mow" it to a close shave in a matter of minutes.


hahahaha that is funny; 'mow it to a close shave'

That is so funny and im still laughing. Soju is looking a little puffy is she preparing for winter.

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