How to be an embarrassing pet owner

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what are you looking at hooman?

Luckily, animals don't seem to care but I have to wonder what Peanut would think if he considered human caregivers embarrassing... He's a truly photogenic subject and I love taking pictures of his quirky moods

Jungle kitten: the creeper on the rocks outside is a favourite spot

...and especially when he is sleeping.



He can't seem to manage to stay inside his bed, though


All in all, he's doing well: still somewhat shy but he knows his name and comes when called. He sleeps on my bed with the other cats at night and although relations aren't good yet, they mostly ignore him, which is a good sign. There are some overtures being made but not much aggression. He seems to have a small hernia but I'll see what his vet thinks about the need for surgical correction at his next visit in about two weeks time. Some small hernias close naturally but others grow as a kitten grows. Time will tell.

It was raining the other day and he ran around outside and got wet. Cleaning his toes afterwards

It's been six weeks since this little chap came into my workplace and I took him home although he was a thoroughly terrified and traumatised little ball of fluff, so wild that we thought he was feral and one person considered that he would be impossible to socialize. Lucky me, he has wormed his way completely into my heart and is not wild at all



Great photos!
Lucky not only to you, but also to the kitten that he came to you.
You have a mutual benefit :-)))
I really liked photo number 4, a dream with his tongue hanging out :-)))

Thank you! Yes, we are both lucky

:-))) That's for sure!

He is just so freakin' adorable! And so... yes, it's only natural that you'd be eternally taking pictures of him!


Time and patience and now you have a lifetime love bug... 🐱‍👓

Yes, I am lucky with this little guy

Awe, such a precious kitty. 😻

Yeah, I'm lucky he found me

Peanut is just the cutest thing.....shhhhh don't tell Soju I said that. The way he sleeps is so funny and cute

Ooh! Look who's visiting! He reminds me a bit of Soju and the vet said he may be part Himalayan. How is Soju? How are you?

hehehe he does remind me a bit of Soju; makes me miss Soju when she was just a kitten. Maybe Peanut might be part Ragdoll too since he looks a little bit like Soju. Even some of his behaviours remind me of Soju too. Would be cool if we could find out what he is exactly.

Soju has been; well Soju; naughty hehehe
She is always doing something out of the ordinary that would make you laugh.

One day I couldn't find her; then I found her here....sleeping on top of my clothes that isn't even flat; no idea how that was comfy. She didn't even bother moving when I opened the door.

Then of course here she is; making space for herself on my desk when there really wasn't any room for her. She would use her bum to push everything out of the way. Then she would get angry at me if i start typing or use the mouse.

As for me; ive been better than before. Previously I was suffering from bad asthma which was getting worse over a span of 3 months; then I went on medication for 1 month which gave me lots of side effects. Now I'm off the medication and got some withdrawal symptoms but now starting to get back to normal. But still getting asthma; but no where as bad as it was before. See how it goes; just have to monitor it. But I did buy a mask to wear for times when I have to be outside when conditions are not good for my asthma.

I hope you have been well as well. I saw the images of Peanut and read his stories; so I just had to log on to make a comment.

I'm glad I lured you back with cat pictures :) Sorry to hear about the asthma, I suppose that the heat, dust and fires haven't helped at all, I hope it settles.
Soju is definitely Peanut-like

Completely Adorable. Still seems kind of small for being over six weeks. I know all about sleeping habits. Our cats prefer a plain cardboard box over the beds we have throughout the house.

He is a little thing although he must be 12 weeks by now.
Cardboard boxes always win!

We have two Siamese mix cats. I'll have to dig up some of the then & now photos to post. The latest one came from the litter we rescued. We kept two of the litter against my better judgement. Tips is the white one in the litter. We named him so because of the brown tips on his ears. He's a monster now at 10 months & about 11 lbs. I believe he is now the largest of all our cats.

He is so sweet ❤

Siempre ha sido un gatito adorable. Tuvo gran suerte de encontrarla y adoptarla. Ahora él es su dueño por siempre. Es muy cómico con su lengua afuera. Un abrazo @nikv.

Really a very cute kitten. It looks very beautiful. I think it’s a pleasure to spend time with him.

Peanut is hilarious the way he sleeps stretched outside of his bed.
That shot of him in the branches is a gem, too. Thanks for sharing the smiles :>)

Pleasure! He is a great subject for photos!

Yes...obviously... :>) The little Rascal.

Wow! Lucky Peanut! He’s feeling at home now! So cute and very smart cat!
I’d love to play with him too!

You would enjoy him, he's so sweet

Oh! I think I want to take him home with me!

OMG! How adorable and the photos of him sleeping with his tongue out cracks me up. He was tamed with so much lucky for both of you. : )

We found each other :)

Love Love Love this update....!!!!

Good. How's your boy doing?

He has been at home for about 2 weeks now.

@pooky-jax said they were bad kitty's this morning on the phone. I did not ask for details. But I am sure He was at the center of it.

Behind this cuteness.. There is a monster....


To spare my older cats harassment, I got one of my teenagers a little friend and luckily they bonded and were inseparable and spent all their time playing and wrestling. Sadly, it only lasted 3 months because I moved and my bad boy's friend was hit by a car and died. My bad boy was never the same after that but did not bother the others left and spent most of his time lurking outside :(


Have You noticed personality changes around the 1 yr. mark....?

I have seen a few have major changes. And was like.... Who is this strange new cat. And a few others just changed a little over several years.

I can't say that I have but I have seen changes in response to environmental change although male cats definitely get grumpier as they get older

LoL.... I know I am getting grumpier.... LoL

Awwww he's so cute!!!

He is a special little monster

A sleepy one! :D

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