Caturday - Sneaky Ninja

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Hi everyone! I hope you're all safe and enjoying this caturday!

Today I am going to introduce the third cat I have adopted back in 2015, Ninja!

She is feeling super excited, since her turn was last week but her human slave was lazy enough not to write the caturday post!

Born in2015
Best traitsuper goofy
Worse traitultra scared of everything

Ninja became part of our family in 2015, when a neighbour told me that a cat litter was living in a garden near my place and some other neighbours were trying to poison them and worse.

So I spend around one week, going there everyday, trying to bond with them. Ninja was the first that I caught, her sister was too attached to her mom to give me a little attention.

She spend one night in my house and, in order to catch her sister and mother, I had to free her to catch her family first.

When the 3 of them were at my place, both babies felt super comfortable but I couldnt get near their mother, who also rejected the babies as soon as they entered my house.

I found a nice family for Ninja's sister and I could not let anyone take Ninja away after some time. Ninja's mother was neutered and my mother agreed to keep her but on the day that she was released, it was the last day anyone saw her.

Ninja was so dirty when she came to our place that I thought for some months that she had some blacks spots in her head etc. But after the first, second, third bath, I realized that she was indeed completely white!

Unfortunately, 2 months after adopting Ninja, I had a job abroad and a friend of mine was taking care of my cats at the time: Shiva, Mio and Ninja. When I returned I realized she had grown to be very scared of people and loud noises etc. One thing that we are always trying to work on even today.

She instantantly bond with Shiva, the Godmother, and not very long after, with Mio as well, as weird as it sounds.

Ninja, as I've said before is a cat that is generally scared of everything, mainly unknown people (and perhaps my father...). Although she is super kind with me and my partner and is always asking for cuddles and eveything.

As I use to say she is a very special cat.

She always comes to say goodmorning everyday!

She loves to eat plants.

She loves her SPA - drying machine working.

She hates to take meds or stuff like that, and if we pursue her to much she will meow like she is being tortured and probably piss on us after being caught!

Even though being a special cat in many senses she is one of my daughters, and my favourite white cat of all times!

I wish you all a nice caturday!

Stay safe!

Love for all!

All of the photos used in this post are owned by me.


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She's definitely a very pretty and sweet looking kitty! Thank you for giving her a good and loving home!


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