Happy Friday 13

in #caturdaylast year

Photo taken with my cellphone and owned by me.

I wish you all a nice, although kinda of late, friday 13th!

Mio sends love for everyone!

Black cat love <3


Thank you for supporting @CatsMakeKittens by being a part of our community @cuko.

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Your favorite black cat jijiji
Very social yo this friday..

Yay indeed my favorite black cat! And later today I will be introducing my favorite white cat - Ninja! <3

Oohh black cat!!! 😍😍

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Yay Mio is on the house!

Love this photo! You and the kitty are both so pretty!  
Love the cat's intense eyes!

Thank you! Mio is feeling very proud!

Yes she has those really intense green eyes!


Mio meowthanked you! <3

A lovely cat!
Nice picture!

Thanks for the positive feedback! <3


I came in for the cat... and a black one at that! Beautiful!

Actually, I have no problems with Friday the 13th. As I can only remember two bad ones ever, I figure I have pretty good odds at a good one!

Yes, Mio is beautiful indeed!

I love fridays 13th, actually I think the calendar is wrong this year. Because I had a shitty Thursday the 12th. It may be because we had one day extra in february! ahah


Around here, the bad day was Wed the 11th, when someone had a fatal accident in the snow. :-(
Friday was good by comparison.

Uff sorry to hear about that! 😕

I also love cat. Even I have a brown cat. All you need is love and a Cat :)

Or in my case love and 7 cats 😻

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